Teal Rosse
I'm sure you did it perfectly
Tue Jun 12, 2018 00:56

Teal Rosse wasn’t one for being eco-friendly, despite her family’s influence. Her dad’s parents in particular were big old hippies — Grandma and Grandpa Rosse named Teal’s two Aunts Sunshine and Running Deer. Dad claimed his parents had “normaled out” by the time he came around, but he’d almost been named Capricorn. (He’d follow that up by saying it was why his jokes were so corny). Still, Grandma and Grandpa Rosse always gave Teal and her sister organic, fair trade Christmas presents, which were usually itchier and less functional than their regular counterparts. Teal didn’t particularly care if her ink was made from handpicked free-range berries as long as it worked.

However, there was someone who could make Teal care about recycling, or being vegetarian, or basically anything else. And that was the extremely compassionate and caring Marley, Teal’s girlfriend (if only they had time to see each other more often!!) of almost a year. So when Myffi the Hippy announced the recycling fair, and Marley said she was going to make something, Teal knew that the best gift she could get Marley would also be a recycled gift.

It was actually hard for her to think of something to recycle. Teal didn’t really make a lot of trash, but she supposed that was because she hardly ever bought anything. School provided all the food, she didn’t need to buy new clothes that often, and she barely had time to go up to Pearl Street. The one thing she did use up was school supplies, especially since she had a tendency to chew on quills. So the weekend before the fair, Teal cleaned out her desk and got to work. Well, after the first attempt (which looked so bad she set on fire), she went to the library for books on crafting, and then she got to work.

First, she smoothed out all her crumpled-up scraps of parchment and cut them into neat circles. Then she watered down her oldest bottles of colored ink (red and blue, mostly) and dyed the circles. Was this how muggles did arts and crafts? After they were dry, and several hours of careful folding and crumpling later, Teal had a dozen pink, purple, and blue paper roses. (Or flowers. They were definitely flowers). The colors were sneaky, since blue wasn’t actually a rose color, but Teal thought they were appropriate all the same. The quills were next. She cut off the broken nibs and the nasty chewed-on tops, leaving her with long, thin feather stalks. Despite actually being made for ink, the quills didn’t absorb enough to change their color, so she eventually just used a charm to dye them green. She used a sticking charm to put the flowers and stems together, and then all she needed was a vase. In the theme of recycling, Teal searched her potions supplies for an empty jar. She washed the dregs of the frog spawn out, and voila, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Teal’s plan for the day of the fair was to sneak her project in, then go find Marley and walk around the event with her. They could happen upon the flowers, Marley would say “oh, those are so pretty!” and then Teal would point to the description and say “I made them for you!”, and then Marley would be so impressed. It was a great plan. It was a super good plan, and it would have worked really well if Teal hadn’t happened to walk right up to Marley at the submissions table. Oops. Not that Teal didn’t want to see Marley, because Teal always wanted to see Marley, but it was hard to surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers when your girlfriend saw you getting ready with a bouquet of flowers! If only she’d brought them in a bag, the way Marley had.

“Hey! Um, how much detail are you describing yours with? I'm not sure how much to write. Like, are you also writing about the process to make yours? Or d'you think it's sorta assumed everyone used a mix of Muggle and magic techniques to make it and the description just has to be about the what, not the how?” Oh, no, Marley grinned at her, and Teal couldn’t help grinning back.

“Well, I don’t know about writing down how I made these, but...” Teal cleared her throat and blushed a little. She held out the bouquet. “I was gonna describe them as ‘Flowers for Marley.’”

  • Here's hoping I did this right... - Marley Chapman, Sun Jun 10 18:47
    It was almost the end of semester and Marley was so relieved to be almost done. She loved school, but wow this year had been exhausting! Lyra had lost the Quidditch finals, which hadn't felt quite as ... more
    • I'm sure you did it perfectly - Teal Rosse, Tue Jun 12 00:56
      • Nvm that doesn't matter anymore - Marley, Tue Jun 12 14:04
        Wait, what? It took a few seconds of staring for Marley to process what the other girl meant. "Ohmygosh!" she finally squeaked, a big smile unfolding across her face. All worries about whether her... more
        • You are what matters - Teal, Fri Jun 15 07:39
          Okay this was way better than Teal’s original plan, because that plan involved waiting until later, and now she got to see Marley now , and she got to see Marley’s whole face light up. Teal was sure... more
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