Nvm that doesn't matter anymore
Tue Jun 12, 2018 14:04

Wait, what?

It took a few seconds of staring for Marley to process what the other girl meant. "Ohmygosh!" she finally squeaked, a big smile unfolding across her face. All worries about whether her patch-making process had followed the rules and if she was filling out the entry slip properly, and also the smaller hidden-for-now because-it-wasn't-relevant-to-the-Recyling-Fair worries about getting her History of Magic grades back, and also the even smaller and more hidden worries about what classes to drop next year because she couldn't drop History or Cultural Studies or Divinations or Astronomy but also Potions was cool and Spellwork was totally useful and meep, fizzled rapidly through her brain before fizzling out like bubbles out of a can of Sprite. Because Teal was giving her flowers. Teal had MADE her flowers!

"This is totally amazing!" Putting down her partially-completed entry slip, Marley accepted the little flowerpot, carefully turning it between her fingers to admire the bouquet from all angles. It looked like the flowers had been made out of paper. They were coloured in beautiful pastels, and they might not smell like her carnations did but they were a hundred times better. The carnations had been a gift from her dad to congratulate her for her performance in the musical. But these paper flowers were a gift from her girlfriend friend maybe-girlfriend (it had been a long time since they went on a date For Real, and studying together didn't count, right?) for no reason at all. Her gramps would call something like this a 'Just Because'. Marley had never received a Just Because gift before, and especially not a Just Because from someone she liked like that. People always went on about butterflies in your tummy, but scratch butterflies, she had a, a, a whole anthill!

"This is amazing," she repeated, unable to help herself. Setting down the pot between them, and being careful not to clink it on the bench too hard, she nudged one thin stalk with her pinky to get it standing up straight. And even more important than the flowers, she felt the need to emphasize, "You're amazing. Thank you so much!" Impulsively, she flung her arms around Teal in a tight hug, and when she leaned back there was a moment where she could -- should she? -- nope overthinking was bad and she would. Now! Marley closed her eyes and kissed her right on the lips. Well to be more accurate she left her eyes open until she knew for sure that she had aimed properly, because how awkward would it be if she, like, kissed some other part of Teal's face instead of her lips, but it felt weird not to close her eyes after that.

  • I'm sure you did it perfectly - Teal Rosse, Tue Jun 12 00:56
    Teal Rosse wasn’t one for being eco-friendly, despite her family’s influence. Her dad’s parents in particular were big old hippies — Grandma and Grandpa Rosse named Teal’s two Aunts Sunshine and... more
    • Nvm that doesn't matter anymore - Marley, Tue Jun 12 14:04
      • You are what matters - Teal, Fri Jun 15 07:39
        Okay this was way better than Teal’s original plan, because that plan involved waiting until later, and now she got to see Marley now , and she got to see Marley’s whole face light up. Teal was sure... more
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