Nothing here is in order
Thu Jun 14, 2018 05:19

Myfanwy was unsurprised that the first student to approach her after the presentation wrapped up was Kit. The younger Lyra always had a mouthful of questions, which Myffi usually did her best to answer when she could understand what was being asked. Sometime Kit just kind of said words that sounded like nonsense, which seemed to be what was happening right now. Although Myffi had learned that sometimes Kit’s nonsense wasn’t really nonsensical, it just needed deciphering. So she asked in return, “Why would I give your sister a ring?” Her Welsh accent conveyed curiosity rather than confusion: it was worth allowing Kit an attempt to make sense of herself before she gave way to confusion.

The experiment statement was just as devoid of logic and reason as the ring comment: what sort of experiment? Kit herself had told Myffi that sometimes her potions did unusual or exciting things in class (the two Lyras had spent a lot of time talking together over the past couple of terms; Myffi used the word’ together’ rather than ‘to each other’, because honestly sometimes it felt like they were just having two separate conversations at each other, but sometimes they did manage to converse on the same topic simultaneously) but that didn’t explain how Myffi could herself be an experiment.

Having addressed the bouncy redhead, Myfanwy then noticed what Kit was holding in her arms. It looked like a statue or doll or figure of some sort made out of scrap. “Is that your entry for the competition?” she asked with an encouraging smile. “It looks really -” she paused for a split second as she noticed the figure’s hat, and the type of scrap from which it was fashioned, and wondered precisely how Kit had come across that particular bit of rubbish (she was fairly certain the second year didn’t know what it was, partly because she was a second year, and partly because she had used it as a hat for a doll), “good.” Myffi recovered quickly. She resolved to charm the colour of the hat or something, or maybe just accidentally-on-purpose knock it off after it had made its way to the display table. She was absolutely convinced that Kit did not need to know anything about that sort of thing yet, and she was concerned some of the less sensitive older students might be drawn to comment.

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    “You haven’t given my sister a ring yet,” Kit said matter-of-factly, coming up to Myffi after the older girl had finished talking about the environment. Kit had listened - well as much as Kit ever... more
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