You are what matters
Fri Jun 15, 2018 07:39

Okay this was way better than Teal’s original plan, because that plan involved waiting until later, and now she got to see Marley now, and she got to see Marley’s whole face light up. Teal was sure her own expression mirrored Marley’s-- every second she felt her smile couldn’t possibly get any bigger, and then it did. Teal watched Marley inspect the flowers, and she thought that she’d have to get into arts and crafts now. And recycling. And whatever Marley was interested in, Teal would be happy to join her. Teal was sure she would do anything for that smile.

Teal scooched a little closer to Marley on the bench, still smiling like an idiot, and then Marley basically hugattacked her. Marley was super strong, which was really impressive, probably because she was a Beater, which was even more impressive because flying was one thing (that Teal could not really do), and flying while whacking flying death balls was even more impressive. Teal put her own arms around the other girl, and she could feel herself blushing even more. Marley felt warm, and she felt warm around her, like even more warm than could be accounted for by body heat. They were like two exothermic potions ingredients (that meant when you put them together, they reacted and released a lot of heat, which Teal knew from talking to Mom about potions) and Teal was pretty sure at this point they were going to explode.

And then Marley leaned back and kissed her, on the lips, and Teal definitely exploded. With happiness. She pulled Marley closer and kissed her some more. Up until that moment, Teal would’ve said her favorite thing at RMI would be getting back an assignment she’d worked really hard on and seeing a perfect grade (which happened about once a term) (per class), but that changed in an instant. Now it was kissing. Kissing Marley. Kissing Marley!

After an indeterminate period of time, they stopped kissing, which was probably good because they were kinda in public, but also bad because they stopped kissing. Teal’s actual brain tried to smush aside her lizard brain (why was that a thing? Sometimes Mom said that Dad was thinking with his lizard brain, mostly when Dad was trying to kiss her when Mom was busy doing something else, but Godzilla didn’t seem interested in kissing anyone, perhaps because he’d never been around another iguana) because what if Marley was nervous about kissing in public? Teal wasn’t. Everyone else would just be jealous, and Teal was okay with people being jealous of her for kissing Marley.

“Hey, um, do you want to go somewhere else? Like, without as many people?” She tried to ask the question as neutrally as possible -- Teal would do whatever Marley wanted, of course. “I mean we don’t have to, if you’re fine here, or if you wanna keep looking around the fair, but we could also go up to Pearl Street or something else or whatever you want, really.” Teal was sure she was bright red by now, but she was also grinning like an idiot. And she felt like an idiot. She couldn’t think, and she didn’t want to screw this up, because she wanted to kiss Marley again Marley to be happy.

  • Nvm that doesn't matter anymore - Marley, Tue Jun 12 14:04
    Wait, what? It took a few seconds of staring for Marley to process what the other girl meant. "Ohmygosh!" she finally squeaked, a big smile unfolding across her face. All worries about whether her... more
    • You are what matters - Teal, Fri Jun 15 07:39
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