Holland Keene [Lyra]
How about a glass menagerie?
Sat Jan 28, 2017 14:38

Professor McKindy was Holland’s favorite person in the entire school. He did experimental charms and was queer and got to work at the same place as his partner. He had a hat made of bubbles made of frogs. He was kind of brilliant and an amazing professor.

Holland wanted to be him when they grew up.

Today the class was making very pretty trinkets, which was Holland’s favorite sort of lesson plan. The fifth-year was especially good at transfiguring details into things. They had a tendency to go overboard with things like color-matching, but getting wrapped up in minutiae was apparently appreciated in Spellwork.

Holland’s note-taking in classes like History of Magic was very detailed, but in Spellwork they usually just jotted down the incantation and a diagram of the wand motion. For the practical lessons, at any rate. Between the lectures and the textbook, their theory notes ended up on the lengthy side. Holland had recently learned a spell to let them move the text around on the page, which did wonders for the overall look of their notes. If they could only choose two between speed, accuracy, and neatness, the third point fell by the wayside during class, but it was hard to study from a notebook that was covered in carets, asterisks, and scribbles.

They were sure that absolutely nothing would happen if they attempted today’s spell wandlessly, but they felt they should try nonverbal. It was something they’d started in a few of the fifth-year classes, and Holland was mediocre at it; not bad, but not about to win any awards. Holland could pull off spells they cast a lot—like the color-changing charm they used for quick hair dyeing—nonverbally, but they still struggled with less advanced spells they didn’t regularly use.

But that was for later, when it was time to add music. For now they were transfiguring marbles into horses. Professor McKindy’s horses were animated—they kept moving and whinnying—and Holland was optimistic they could do something similar. Did they have to make horses? Holland had been on carousels that had all sorts of animals, but even if they stuck with equines, that included unicorns and winged horses and zebras and deer. Or maybe another theme. Holland could easily see this project turning into a Christmas present for Mom or Dad.

Holland opened their box to see if the materials inspired them. There were blocks of wood for the structure of the carousel, and marbles to make the glass animals. There were also two eggs.

Confused, Holland picked one of the eggs up. Professor McKindy hadn’t mentioned eggs at any point during the lesson. Granted, he hadn’t mentioned the marbles, but it was clear what those were for. Holland contemplated the eggs for a few moments before turning to the student beside them. “Hey, what are the eggs for?”

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