Professor Aaron McKindy
A Moment to Remember [Spellwork, Yrs IV - VII]
Fri Jul 13, 2018 18:55


“No, Circe,” Aaron said absent-mindedly, petting the cat with one hand. The other hand was stuck in the pocket of his blue jeans. His wand was in the back pocket of his jeans, and there was cat hair stuck to the dark blue shirt with an aurora borealis charmed to shimmer on it. Aaron was pretty sure that his first cat, Godric, had been much less of a shedder than Circe was. Of course, that might have been because Godric’s fur was darker and thus less noticable than Circe’s. Or because Aaron (and Garen, and everyone else who interacted with the cat) was busy being distracted by the constant attempts at attacking their feet made by Godric. Thinking about his first cat still made Aaron a little sad; he scratched Circe behind the ears, thankful that he was likely to have quite awhile left with her. Godric had been the most stable part of his life for a long time.

The thing fascinating Circe at the moment was a stone bowl on a pedestal. There were runes carved around the sides of the bowl, and there was a gray liquid inside the bowl that looked like it was constantly moving. It was a Pensieve.

It was not Aaron’s personal Pensieve, because the last thing that he ever wanted was to have one of those. He had no interest in spending more time in his memories; he was happy where he was now, but that was a relatively recent development and he didn’t need to overthink it. As it was, Aaron was dreading the moment that Madeleine, his daughter, found out that he had played a part in capturing and imprisoning the school poltergeist. Shifty Eyes had presumably been behind the pranks that has caused such a fuss the previous year, but Aaron somehow doubted that Madeleine was going to agree with the conclusion that Shifty should subsequently be removed from interacting with the school. Madeleine liked the poltergeist, who she referred to as “Mr. Shifty”.

His impending trouble with Madeleine pushed aside in his mind, Aaron stopped petting Circe and turned around to face the chalkboard. He pulled his wand out of his back pocket and flicked it at the chalkboard, where one word appeared in spiky handwriting: Recordatio.

The upper years started to file into the practical lab, and Aaron turned to greet them. He was still taller than all of the students, but a couple of them were getting up there in height. Although he usually wore a hat made of pink bubbles for his first class with the younger students, the older ones were much more used to his eccentricities and made for a less interesting addition to the room. Plus, individually charming amphibians into large, opaque bubbles was time-consuming.

“Go ahead and pair up,” Aaron directed the students as they entered the room. There were some who waited for a friend to come in before pairing up and others who just turned to the person nearest them. Thankful that this group of students had much less contention than the seventh-years that had just graduated, the Spellwork professor waited for everyone to settle down and find a partner. As always, his upper years classes were open to the seventh years taking Spellwork, but they would each have an additional one-on-one class with him each week where they would work towards the goals that each student set for themselves. Aaron encouraged students to attend classes closer to IMPs for purposes of reviewing the material, but he wouldn’t be surprised if a number of the older students decided against attending the first class of the school year.

“Today we’re going to be working with this Pensieve,” Aaron leaned back against the desk at the front of the room and gestured to the stone bowl in the center. “Can anyone tell me what a Pensieve i - yes, Heather?” Heather Bartel’s hand had shot up before Aaron had finished the question and she smugly explained the purpose of the magical artifact sitting in front of the class. “Very good,” Aaron said approvingly, wincing as he watched her face turn from smug to insufferable. He felt bad for her partner. “Now can anyone think of uses for the Pensieve?”

A couple of students shouted out answers, and Aaron nodded at them. It was clear that many of his students had come across Pensieves in their readings, at least, if not in real life. They were expensive artifacts that were not the sort of thing you really wanted to share with someone, so Aaron would have been surprised if many of the students had experience using a Pensieve, even if they knew what one was. And that, of course, was the lesson of the day.

“The spell we’re learning today is fairly simple, but it’s very messy to execute without a wand so even those of you who feel comfortable with wandless magic should be using a wand today.” Aaron pulled out his wand, which had been tucked back into his jeans pocket, and tapped it against his graying temple. “Recordatio,” he said, and then pulled his wand slowly away from his head. A shimmering gray thread emerged, floating briefly in the air before Aaron directed it down into the bowl. The image of a pan of cookies flashed to the surface; he had put in a more recent memory of him and Madeleine baking cookies to surprise Garen and Drew, who had been up on Pearl Street doing some school shopping.

“In pairs, you’ll decide what memories you want to extract. You can choose your own or set a challenge for your partner - however you’d like to go about it, but before the exercise begins, both parties should know what to expect from the other’s memory. It should be a memory that you’re willing to share, because once you place it in the bowl,” Aaron gestured, “your partner will enter that memory for its duration.

“If you execute the spell incorrectly, the memory could become warped into a daydream or nightmare, or it might be longer or cut off more quickly than you expect. It is your job to make sure your partner can execute the spell by the end of the class period.

“Please take turns coming up to the Pensieve, and if you run into any trouble please let me know. Once you’re done with the memory, please remove it from the Pensieve the same way you drew it out of yourself, and put it in one of the these flasks that I’ve put on the desk; I will dispose of them safely after class.”

With that, Aaron let the students get to work. Circe had jumped off the desk and was making her rounds, hoping the students had brought her treats or food. She was a picky cat and turned up her nose at anything that wasn’t fish or rare meat so Aaron suspected that Circe would be out of luck, but she was clearly going to give it a try anyway.

He sat behind the desk with the new fifth year textbook he was marking up, hoping that his assistance would be unnecessary this class.

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    • My memory's fine, thanks - Connor Farnon, Wed Jul 18 16:07
      In what had probably been a surprise to everyone involved, Connor had ended up with an O in Spellwork last term. His other grades had been passable (an A in Cultural Studies, Es in everything else)... more
    • Let's make some more moments - Teal Rosse, Tue Jul 17 09:40
      Spellwork was one of Teal’s favorite classes. Professor McKindy was funny (in both ways), and the subject came naturally to her. To be honest, Teal felt bad for someone who wasn’t good at wandwork.... more
      • Moment incoming! - Marley Chapman, Tue Jul 17 12:59
        It was at pretty much the last possible minute before sending her updated courselist back to RMI that Marley decided she would continue on with Spellwork after all. After juggling eight classes,... more
        • Shields up, yellow alert - Teal, Fri Jul 20 11:50
          Marley seemed, like, kinda weird, in Teal’s opinion. Normally they were both super bouncy and excited, and today Marley seemed bouncy, but she didn’t hug her. Teal hadn’t gotten to see her as much as ... more
          • Well that's just unproductive - Marley, Sat Jul 21 22:35
            Now that she’d suggested it, it occurred to her that using their memory assignment to help with this conversation might actually be helpful, or at least more efficient. Like, talking about difficult... more
            • What would you consider productive? - Teal, Sun Jul 29 12:07
              Okay, this was not going well. Marley was using the determinedly calm voice that Mom and Dad sometimes used on Violet. It meant you were starting to get pissed off but you didn’t want the other... more
              • Actually hearing me would be a start - Marley, Tue Jul 31 16:05
                She’d tried to explain what she meant, but Teal seemed to have caught onto the word instead and not paid attention to her explanation. Oops, again. This was probably her own fault. ‘Selfish’ was one... more
                • But that’s so difficult - Teal , Sat Aug 4 13:28
                  Teal felt like Marley was misinterpreting everything she was saying and that she must have misinterpreted everything Marley was saying. First it had gone from “we need to talk” to parents and selfish ... more
                  • What's right isn't always easy - Marley, Sat Aug 4 23:37
                    She had been hoping that Teal would agree to just letting her go first, but instead the other girl was… apologizing? Okay, that was a start. They weren’t at the very front of the line yet, so they... more
                    • That’s not great motivation - Teal, Sun Aug 5 10:33
                      There weren’t many times Teal got exactly what she asked for. Surprisingly, her plea had gotten through to Marley. Unsurprisingly, Teal didn’t want to hear what the other girl had to say. Marley... more
                      • Too bad this wasn't motivation enough - Marley, Sun Aug 5 21:00
                        Marley felt an immediate wave of guilt at the look on the other girl’s face. She’d never seen Teal look so sad before, and it made her feel even worse, and she had to hastily wipe an extra set of... more
    • A lifetime to forget - Claudia Dubois, Mon Jul 16 11:14
      She had not gotten along very well with Professor McKindy last term. In fact, Claudia disliked him more than any of her other professors, and more than most other people she knew. However she had... more
      • Don't want to repeat the past though - Remington Burnham, Mon Jul 16 11:30
        Remington had spent a good chunk of her summer trying to decide what classes to take. Her schedule ended up being incredibly full, and she wasn’t sure if it was going to stay that way. Spellwork was... more
        • That's the point of this class - Claudia, Mon Jul 16 13:51
          “Memories in general don’t seem to be the most reliable source of information when it comes to facts,” Remington whispered back. Claudia sucked on her upper lip while she considered that. It was... more
          • I'm sure this was exactly the point - Remington, Mon Jul 16 14:54
            Remington managed to keep her desire to immediately delve into a conversation about the trustworthiness of memories to herself, minus the one whispered response to Claudia. See, this is what she was... more
            • Let's get to it, then - Claudia, Mon Jul 16 15:42
              Remington gave Claudia her express permission to show whatever she wanted. Even if she had not correctly guessed at the event Claudia had in mind (and she probably had, because Remy was smart, and... more
              • No turning back now - Remington, Mon Jul 16 16:44
                The more she thought about it and took in Claudia’s body language, the more certain Remington was about what was going to happen. If it was something that someone needed to see, that Claudia needed... more
                • Any regrets? - Claudia, Tue Jul 17 16:04
                  Claudia tried not to flinch when Remington touched her. Her tentatively developing acquaintanceship with the fourth year was based almost solely on the genuinely selfless way Remy had come to... more
                  • Forget regret - Remington, Sat Jul 21 17:13
                    Admittedly, Remington knew very little about the incident between Dade and Claudia. Dade made it seem like he’d been in danger of being attacked and was reacting. If there were more, she hadn’t been... more
                    • Forget forgiveness - Claudia, Sun Jul 22 11:39
                      The fifth year had genuinely not expected Remington to be so affected by her memory, and she might be close to regretting her decision, except for the relief flooding through her that she had not... more
                      • Can you imagine? - Remington, Sun Jul 22 18:24
                        Remington hoped that this would have made things more clear, but instead things were more confused. Why hadn’t Dade told her about this? Like, why hadn’t he told her anything? He was her first friend ... more
                        • I have an exceptional imagination - Claudia, Mon Jul 23 14:28
                          When Remington confessed that she didn’t know whether she was still friends with Dade, Claudia found herself feeling something akin to sympathy for the other girl. She knew what it was like to have a ... more
    • Thnks fr th Mmrs - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jul 15 22:27
      The first class of the year was Spellwork, and Nolan Ramsey arrived right on time after eating an unhurried breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Having plans to check on the AgriClub garden during... more
      • Even if they weren't so great? - Kaye Packman, Mon Jul 16 15:48
        Kaye didn’t have to go to the first Spellwork class as a seventh year, but she was just so bored . After the feast, she’d gone back to Aquila and hung out on the couch for a little while. It wasn’t... more
        • You could’ve asked for a better one - Nolan, Mon Jul 16 19:37
          “Thought you might say that,” Nolan quipped back, before Kaye made her request. Then he was so surprised (but simultaneously not surprised) that he had to laugh. No one else Nolan had ever met would... more
          • Could've, Would've, Should've - Kaye, Wed Jul 18 21:32
            There were plenty of memories Kaye could choose to show Nolan. Some might be genuinely entertaining for him, like when she went on the dolphin tour in Galveston with her dad. He’d painted this... more
            • All adds up to didn’t - Nolan, Fri Jul 20 11:43
              Nolan, who hadn’t counted upon the possibility that Kaye would accept the challenge, cocked an auburn eyebrow. He had been trying to respond to her request with an equally rude one. Could she even... more
              • Well damn, okay. They were really doing this. This made her respect (or mild interest, she didn’t exactly know the right word to use here) for Nolan to increase by at least half a letter grade. Like, ... more
                • I know my arithmetic - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 14:27
                  Nolan didn’t especially want to watch the accident that had ended with his leg being amputated, but watching Kaye watch it without having a solid idea of what she was seeing was freaky. It’d be nice... more
                  • Kaye wrinkled her nose at the mention of physical therapy. That kind of thing sounded annoying. Lazy by nature, the Aquila couldn’t imagine caring about something so much that she’d put herself... more
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