Professor Cindra Embers
At Dis-Arm's Length (DADA Years I-III)
Fri Jul 13, 2018 19:56

Professor Cindra Embers spent her summer improving her craft.

After she’d seen the success of many students after following the written curriculum, but the sudden failure of other previously successful young minds, she knew that she couldn’t sit idly by during her vacation. Beaches? No way. Cabin in the mountains? Not for her. Time with her little Rhubarb plant? Well, that was more okay, but it turned out that people tended to get annoyed when tiny humans started crying and making noises during seminars. This seemed particularly silly. They were all there as educators. Why were they so unaccepting of children? It didn’t occur to her that Ruby’s cries could often put a mandrake to shame. She thought it was cute.

The blonde’s biggest concern as an educator was how much conflict seemed to be pervading the student culture at Rocky Mountain International. She couldn’t remember times like this when she was a student. The boggart lesson from the previous term was startling. So many students were frightened of each other! She could hardly blame them, since some were trying to set each other on fire.

(The former Draco felt slightly guilty about that. If she had paid better attention, she would have noticed the students skipping and definitely had the two attend a restorative circle before any fires could be set.)

She’d redecorated the drab lab based on what she’d learned from the Safe Educational Space workshop, Highway to the Safety Zone. The workshop was meant for Muggle educators, but she felt as though she learned plenty! She’d replaced the old curtains with new ones that reflected whatever color the person looking at them felt to be the most calming. Cindra saw the calming pink of the setting sun, but her older sister said she saw a curtain so richly red that it may have been dripping the color. She added a few cushy chairs for observations during practical lessons and included some fidget toys around the room. Her favorite was the magical spinner that released relaxing scents like lavender and vanilla bean as it spun.

There may or may not have been a failure to ask permission before putting up these new Practical Lab items. This also didn’t seem like a problem to her. Other professors would later stumble upon the room and if they had a different opinion, she knew they’d be mature adults setting wonderful examples and speak to Cindra herself.

The younger years were summoned to the newly chilled Practical Lab for their first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson of the year. The space was open for what would clearly be a practical lesson, and Cindra was standing in the middle, waving and greeting her little scholars. For those she knew from previous years, she greeted by name and made small talk until everyone arrived. She allowed the class to start a few minutes late in case any of the first years were lost on their way to class.

“Good morning,” the witch in the glittering rainbow dress said cheerfully. Her calm and quiet voice still managed to carry across the whole space. It was hard to tell if that was natural or if her soothing tone was magically amplified for all to hear without raising her volume to Potentially Anxiety Provoking Levels. “I am so happy to see all of you here today. For those who don’t know me, I am Professor Embers, and I’m your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

“I must warn you that the early years of this curriculum are… unexciting,” she admitted, “It asks you to do reading and understand the theory and history before getting to do lots of the fun stuff. It barely covers any creatures!” The nerve of the curriculum writers. She didn’t understand where they came up with this stuff. “However! For some of you, this is your first time in a classroom where you get to use your wands, and I will not stop you from taking advantage of this important developmental opportunity in front of you. So!”

Cindra clapped her hands and Mr. Chalkboard floated on in. He settled himself slightly above the laboratory counters on the other side of the room. Once comfortable, the chalkboard allowed the word Expelliarmus to appear.

“Today, before I ask you to crack open your copies of The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection,” she found the text by Quentin Trimble to be a little dry at times and hoped to update the book soon, “You will get the opportunity to practice this spell. It’s a disarming spell. When used correctly, your opponent’s wand will fly out of their hand. If done especially well, which I know all of you are capable of doing, your opponent may even be pushed backwards by the force of your determination and will. Watch me.”

She demonstrated the spell with Huburt Park (and may have forgotten to warn the kid, oops). He always seemed ready to speak in class with a raised hand and correct answer, so she doubted too much that he would mind or be surprised. His wand flew from his hand and he stumbled backwards. Satisfied, Cindra turned her sparkling blue eyes back to the crowd of students. “And that’s how it’s done! Partner up and give it a try. Older students, this is great practice for you to dust off your wands and give it a go. Plus, you never truly have learned something unless you are able to teach it yourself, so if you notice a younger student struggling, introduce yourself and offer some aid.

“Oh, and I almost forgot! If you’re successful, then I won’t assign you homework tonight.” She thought that was the best incentive. “Go, be safe! I’m here if you have any questions about anything at all.”

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