Keith Allen
Lessons in making the best out of things
Fri Jul 13, 2018 22:03

At the start of the last term, Keith had been excited about classes. By the time midterm and the rest of term had passed Keith had hated all his classes. He had barely scraped by, and his wand work had not been up to par when he left for summer. During the summer his dad Charles had allowed him to use magic when he was tutoring him. This term Keith was optimistic about classes. He felt like he understood why the wand work was necessary. His Dad could do wandless magic, but he had promised no one expected a first or second year to do wandless magic.

Unfourtnelty for Keith they weren't starting with Potions his favorite class because there was no stupid wand swishing but with Defense against the Dark Arts, the most wand swishy class of all. His liked Professor Embers she seemed like a kind enough Professor, Keith just hated her class. This morning though he vowed to at least attempt liking the course. There were going to be first years whose first attempt at magic shouldn't be met with a grumpy second year.

The strawberry blonde haired boy entered the practical lab and greeted the Professor before choosing where to stand. Keith decided the best place to stand was to the side leaning against the wall. Usually, when wand swishy classes were held in the practical lab, there was no point to sit down as they notes were here's the wand movement and here's the spell, now partner up!

Within moments his prediction turned out to be true. Professor Embers had tried the spell out on Huburt. Keith was glad he had chosen to stand near and back and to the side. There was one thing he was grateful for; he had practiced this spell with his dad this summer. Keith wouldn't say he was the best, but he could hold his own, and he for sure didn't want any homework on the first day.

When they were told to pair up Keith's hazel eyes scanned the room looking for someone he could get along with. Not spotting anyone he instantly recognized which wasn't too hard after all he had made no friends last term, all his partners last year were a blur, he spoke to the person closest to him. "I'm pretty good with this spell. What about you?"

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        • Wishful thinking is mine - Dade, Mon Jul 16 19:56
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          • What did you wish for? - Drew, Mon Jul 16 21:57
            Dade argued, which was what always happened when you told Dade he was wrong about something. Right now was one of the rare times when Drew was really sure he was right, but he didn’t argue back... more
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              • How about a hint? - Drew, Tue Jul 17 10:57
                The last couple times someone had come close to crying in front of Drew, they had been total strangers. He thought he got along with Satveer and Leon now, but it had still been really uncomfortable... more
    • Lessons in making the best out of things - Keith Allen, Fri Jul 13 22:03
      • I could use a review of that - Mikael Lundqvist, Sat Jul 14 14:51
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        • OK the first thing we do is smile - Keith, Sun Jul 15 10:34
          The person Keith had ended up speaking to was a fellow Draco, this one a year older than Keith himself, Anssi. Keith had paired with him a couple of times last term, but he wouldn’t call them friends ... more
          • I think I can manage that! - Anssi, Mon Jul 16 22:08
            Luckily Keith nodded and seemed happy to go first, and so Anssi took out his wand and waited to be the target of this spell. Maybe it was strange that he was not as confident as a younger student... more
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