OK the first thing we do is smile
Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:34

The person Keith had ended up speaking to was a fellow Draco, this one a year older than Keith himself, Anssi. Keith had paired with him a couple of times last term, but he wouldn’t call them friends in fact as sad as it seemed Jesse could be classified his best friend at RMI since they had had the most extended conversation Keith had ever had with people at RMI, at the opening feast, this year. Besides that Keith really liked Jesse from last term. They had shared their room easily the previous term, and Keith assumed it would continue into this term.

Annsi greeted Keith in his accented English, and Keith wondered briefly where he was from. He could tell that English wasn’t his first language and that impressed Keith. He hadn’t grown up speaking two languages like others at RMI had. His Mom only knew English, and his Dad spoke Spanish but had learned it later in life and never spoke it at home. The second-year wondered if he could convince Annsi to teach him his first language but shrugged it off. It was only the first day of school, and Keith already wanted to give himself more work.

Forcing himself from his thoughts, Keith realized Annsi had greeted him and had asked him to go first. Keith nodded “Hey Annsi. I don’t mind going first at all.” The strawberry blonde nodded at his housemate and took a few steps back. He grabbed out his wand and smiled. “Ready?” he asked the third year.

Not really waiting for an answer as the second year assumed Annsi was ready to be disarmed. “Expelliarmus,” Keith said and swished his wand like Charles had shown him this summer. The hazel-eyed boy was confident he had cast the spell correctly. It had been the first spell they had covered in the tutoring sessions, and Charles had tested him on this spell just a few days ago.

  • I could use a review of that - Mikael Lundqvist, Sat Jul 14 14:51
    It took only about ten seconds after Mikael Anselm Lundqvist had passed through the doorway to realize that something was very weird about the lab-room today. For some reason there was a chair with... more
    • OK the first thing we do is smile - Keith, Sun Jul 15 10:34
      • I think I can manage that! - Anssi, Mon Jul 16 22:08
        Luckily Keith nodded and seemed happy to go first, and so Anssi took out his wand and waited to be the target of this spell. Maybe it was strange that he was not as confident as a younger student... more
        • Keith watched as he not only completed the spell correctly but also made Anssi stumble a few steps. The second-year caught the other blondes’ wand. He had never been able to make his dad stumble in... more
          • Perhaps a wave will do the trick - Anssi, Sat Jul 21 13:04
            The other Draco claimed that nothing extra was needed, and Anssi nodded thoughtfully. Well. Frowned a little, and also nodded. According to Ruben, who was one of the best magic duelers he knew (and... more
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