Well, now it's official!
Sat Jan 28, 2017 16:56

Marley blinked at the black seeds on the counter. Oh, wait. She’d accidentally pulled out a bottle of sunflower seeds instead of dill. Presumably because her stomach had made a little growl, and sunflower seeds made for a tasty snack. Of course she wouldn’t eat while in the lab, though, or at least, not as long as she was partnered with Claudia, who generally acted far more serious in class than herself - there were, on the other hand, some students in their year-group with whom she wouldn’t hesitate to munch on a couple spare seeds around and would probably have joined her in an imprompteau snack.

Smiling to herself at the mistake, she stuck the seeds back in her kit and poked through in an optimistic quest for dill. When she couldn’t find any, she glanced over to Claudia's leather kit. She had offered her own ingredients. But it was weird to just go through her kit, right? But she had offered. After a very brief internal debate, Marley crouched to the floor and reached for Claudia’s bag. “We just need some dill,” she explained aloud in case the other girl had changed her mind and wanted to voice any opposition, although she wasn’t too sure if Claudia had even noticed her, since she was working hard on the textbook-research part of their assignment.

Claudia had made good progress on her research. Brown eyes landed momentarily on the notes offered in her direction, curious to see if she could understand her reasoning for salamander blood, but she determined very quickly that nope it still didn’t make sense. Ah well, she trusted Claudia on this. “That makes sense,” she fibbed brightly, although not quite as bright a tone as her normal voice would’ve maintained; it made Marley a little uncomfortable using animal ingredients in potions, and blood was one of those things which made her stomach turn. At least she wasn’t hungry any more.

“That’s better than I can say,” she giggled. “I only really made one mistake last year, but it was kinda messy.” ‘Kinda’ in this case meaning ‘had to persuade her mum to buy a new cauldron’, but that hadn’t been entirely her own fault: her original cauldron had been second-hand from her mum, who in turn had bought it second-hand like eons ago, so it had been high time for a better-quality replacement. (That rationale hadn’t gone over too well, but it was settled and done now.) “Do you think you can skin the shrivelfig? ‘Course, I can help bottle the juice, if you want extra hands... Oh!” Marley noticed the water had started boiling and uncorked the vinegar bottle to begin measuring it.

  • I thought he had, already? - Claudia, Sat Jan 28 14:21
    Marley opted to start making the potion, and Claudia nodded her agreement. “Help yourself to my kit if you need anything,” she nudged the leather bag on the floor with her foot to indicate which was... more
    • Well, now it's official! - Marley, Sat Jan 28 16:56
      • *waves official flag* - Claudia, Wed Feb 1 05:07
        Claudia felt bolstered that Marley seemed to agree with her reasoning for salamander blood. She was so pleased with their progresses, in fact, she even consented to skin the shrivelfig. “Yes, okay,”... more
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