Andrew Tennant
Music is kind of my thing
Mon Jul 16, 2018 18:58

The first thing Drew noticed when he arrived at his first class of third year was that Aunt Cindra had redecorated the classroom. There were curtains on the fake window in his favorite color (dark green), and comfy-looking chairs, and—were those toys? Drew only got there a couple minutes before class started, so he didn’t have time to investigate, but he was definitely going to check them out later.

He has low expectations for the topic because this was the very first magical class for some of the students, and those expectations were met. Still, Drew couldn’t help snickering a little when Cindra disarmed his roommate. Huburt seemed really surprised and it was just so rare for him to show any emotion besides smug that Drew really couldn’t help it, honestly.

It made sense that the first lesson of the year wouldn’t be too complicated, but Drew kind of had a lock on disarming spells. Aaron had made sure he knew how to do the spell during the summer after his first year, and they’d reviewed in self-defense club before Ruben got involved and introduced them to cooler spells. If you were gonna be good at one spell to protect yourself, a disarmer was a pretty good one. It didn’t just work on wands, it worked on anything, so whether you were being threatened with a wand or a non-magical weapon, you could expelliarmus your way out of the situation. When Drew was ready to start learning how to do spells nonverbally and wandlessly, the disarming charm would definitely be at the top of his priority list.

Since he had a good grasp of the spell wanded and verbally (haha, grasp, disarming spell, pun), Drew was planning to partner with a first or second year who needed someone to teach them more. Or if all the younger kids had paired off, he could work with Darlene and show off a little help her with it if she needed pointers. Drew started to look around for one of those options, but then he spotted Dade sitting on the floor near the back of the room. That’s weird. What’s he doing here?

Abandoning his plan to find a partner, Drew went over to his friend. “Dade?” he asked. The Ceti hadn’t really had time to talk since term had started back up. Drew had written on some of Madeleine’s letters to Dade over the summer, and she’d let him read some of the letters Dade sent back. Madeleine didn’t seem to notice, but Drew felt like some of the letters had been… kind of… off. It was almost like Dade written them under the influence of a cheering charm. “This is the beginner’s class. Shouldn’t you be in, uh…” He couldn’t remember what the fourth years had right now, but it definitely wasn’t Defense Against the Dark Arts. “I think you’re in the wrong class?” Drew suggested, but nicely and tentatively, because telling Dade he was wrong was kind of like playing Quadpot. With one of Hunter’s mixes.

  • Facing the music - Dade Farnon, Mon Jul 16 18:07
    Grimly, Dade swung the bag over his shoulder and stepped across the age line Professor McKindy had placed in the threshold of the door to Dade’s room. He shrugged his other shoulder into the empty... more
    • Music is kind of my thing - Andrew Tennant, Mon Jul 16 18:58
      • Wishful thinking is mine - Dade, Mon Jul 16 19:56
        “No I’m not,” Dade growled, staring pointedly at his knees, covered with the black fabric of his slightly-more-fitted jeans. He hadn’t thought about the fact that he hadn’t told Drew that he’d failed ... more
        • What did you wish for? - Drew, Mon Jul 16 21:57
          Dade argued, which was what always happened when you told Dade he was wrong about something. Right now was one of the rare times when Drew was really sure he was right, but he didn’t argue back... more
          • You can't tell your wishes! - Dade, Tue Jul 17 05:31
            Admittedly, Dade hadn’t really thought through what was going to happen after he told Drew that he’d failed his STOATs. If he had thought it through, though, what he would have expected was some sort ... more
            • How about a hint? - Drew, Tue Jul 17 10:57
              The last couple times someone had come close to crying in front of Drew, they had been total strangers. He thought he got along with Satveer and Leon now, but it had still been really uncomfortable... more
              • You have to earn your hints - Dade Farnon, Wed Jul 18 17:14
                Huh. Drew thought it was possible that Dade could maybe not go to Defense Against the Dark Arts for the entire term. Dade was skeptical about that idea because he was skeptical about Professor... more
                • Would you take a trade? - Drew, Wed Jul 18 18:39
                  Drew wasn’t sure that it would work, but, as he told Dade, “It can’t hurt to ask.” There had to be a way to spin it to Aunt Cindra. The hard part would be getting her to agree to individual lessons... more
                  • Depends on what you've got - Dade, Fri Jul 20 06:46
                    Oh no. Dade thought he’d told Drew he couldn’t do self defense club anymore but he apparently hadn’t, and now he couldn’t remember what he had thought he’d told Drew was the reason. Because he... more
                    • Hopefully something you want - Drew, Fri Jul 20 08:37
                      Wait, what? Confused, Drew furrowed his brows. Remington and Claudia weren’t friends. At least he didn’t think they were. Okay, he had seen them talking at the April Fool’s party (which must be the... more
                      • You gotta be more specific - Dade, Fri Jul 20 10:08
                        Dade was in a bad mood now. Drew wasn’t mad, but Dade should have known that the other Cetus wouldn’t believe him. Nobody ever believed him anymore, except Rose and Holland. Maybe if Holland and Rose ... more
                        • That would ruin the surprise! - Drew, Fri Jul 20 11:08
                          Because he had grown up being simultaneously the hero to Kit’s sidekick and the sidekick to Kit’s hero, Drew had what one of their elementary school teachers had once called “inhuman patience.” Drew... more
                          • I don't like surprises - Dade, Fri Jul 20 16:45
                            Oh. Drew was presenting a point that Dade hadn’t thought of. It made much more sense for Remington to be pretending to be Claudia’s friend to spy on her for Dade, if only because Claudia was slimy... more
                            • I’ll warn you next time - Drew, Fri Jul 20 17:34
                              You had to understand how people normally reacted to things so that you understood how important them not reacting to something was. For example, if Dade had had an argument against what Drew was... more
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