You could’ve asked for a better one
Mon Jul 16, 2018 19:37

“Thought you might say that,” Nolan quipped back, before Kaye made her request. Then he was so surprised (but simultaneously not surprised) that he had to laugh. No one else Nolan had ever met would ask a question like that, but he should’ve anticipated it from Kaye.

Admittedly, Nolan had been expecting some kind of fun and inappropriate prompt. He hadn’t expected this specific prompt. Sometimes people were too scared of being offensive to ask amputees about their missing limbs, as if Nolan’s feelings were gonna be hurt if they reminded him he only had one leg. More often, people asked dumb, invasive questions. Medically speaking he had none-of-your-damn-business-itis, but over the years Nolan come up with a lot of responses that spoke to the adage “ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.”

How could he do that with Kaye right now? Frankly, Nolan wasn’t sure he could even give her that memory. He didn’t remember the part where he’d actually lost the leg, on account of being unconscious at the time. His memory of the events leading up to losing the leg were also kind of fuzzy, because apparently that happened sometimes when you got knocked unconscious. He did remember getting bucked from the horse and a little bit of being dragged and kicked, and then he woke up a few days later in the wizarding hospital in Dallas, minus one leg.

Okay, so he could probably give her something to view in the Pensieve. Did he care about Kaye seeing it? Out of everything that had ever happened to Nolan, that riding accident was one of the most significant and intense: it had divided his young life into before and after, in almost the same way Sylvanus being named Ramsey heir had. But it had happened a long time ago, to a different version of Nolan. It was next to impersonal in that way, not a secret he wanted to guard because it wasn’t about him. If Kaye wanted to see it then he had no objections.

And then a perfect response sprang fully formed into Nolan’s mind. Kaye was probably joking, but… “That’ll do,” he drawled, game for it. If Kaye was gonna try to mess with him, Nolan could mess right back. “I’ll show you that. If you show me how you lost your hair.”

  • Even if they weren't so great? - Kaye Packman, Mon Jul 16 15:48
    Kaye didn’t have to go to the first Spellwork class as a seventh year, but she was just so bored . After the feast, she’d gone back to Aquila and hung out on the couch for a little while. It wasn’t... more
    • You could’ve asked for a better one - Nolan, Mon Jul 16 19:37
      • Could've, Would've, Should've - Kaye, Wed Jul 18 21:32
        There were plenty of memories Kaye could choose to show Nolan. Some might be genuinely entertaining for him, like when she went on the dolphin tour in Galveston with her dad. He’d painted this... more
        • All adds up to didn’t - Nolan, Fri Jul 20 11:43
          Nolan, who hadn’t counted upon the possibility that Kaye would accept the challenge, cocked an auburn eyebrow. He had been trying to respond to her request with an equally rude one. Could she even... more
          • Well damn, okay. They were really doing this. This made her respect (or mild interest, she didn’t exactly know the right word to use here) for Nolan to increase by at least half a letter grade. Like, ... more
            • I know my arithmetic - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 14:27
              Nolan didn’t especially want to watch the accident that had ended with his leg being amputated, but watching Kaye watch it without having a solid idea of what she was seeing was freaky. It’d be nice... more
              • Kaye wrinkled her nose at the mention of physical therapy. That kind of thing sounded annoying. Lazy by nature, the Aquila couldn’t imagine caring about something so much that she’d put herself... more
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