Marissa Kendrick (5th Year Aquila)
Don't get me started on Tom
Sat Jan 28, 2017 17:52

Just because she was related-but-not-related-but-related to Professor Aaron McKindy did not mean that Marissa found Spellwork to be any easier than other classes. The red head didn’t actually know what her go to class was. She was pretty much average in all of her classes, which meant she had to work harder than most of her classmates if she wanted an above average grade. Rose was incredible at Spellwork, Holland was, too, and Marissa… she didn’t know what class she was amazing at yet, even though she was a fifth year. She thought that this was supposed to bother her, and maybe it would once college seemed closer, but it didn’t.

Maybe she could be a professional party planner or something.

She pondered this while snacking on a pear on her way to Spellwork. Marissa liked Spellwork well enough. Aaron’s lessons, while ranging from Not Easy to Difficult And Requiring Thought, were interesting. Aaron was really good at naturally fostering student curiosity through student-driven activities. Students had to do all of the heavy lifting when it came to the classwork; Aaron let them figure it out. Marissa wasn’t sure it fit her still undetermined learning style, but it led to lots of partner work, which she liked.

Marissa greeted Aaron when she got to class and they chatted for a minute. She mentioned that she was thinking of holding a Quidditch practice in the pool soon, and she would love to pick his brain about it later. She sort of brought it up because she loved how inexplicably uncomfortable her requests for advice always made him, but mostly she wanted his advice. Whenever Aaron decided to give it, she found it helpful.

She grabbed a spot next to Holland and smiled at her friend. They didn’t get a chance to start chatting before Aaron began the class. As usual, it looked really cool, and Aaron gave them all of the instructions, but he left them to go ahead and give it a try. Marissa understood that they needed to create the tune, but she had trouble piecing together what everything was for. Especially the egg. She wanted to focus on nonverbal magic, something she hadn’t accomplished at all yet, but she was distracted by the egg.

“Hey, what are the eggs for?”

Turns out, Marissa wasn’t the only one. She turned her head to look at Holland and tried to tuck her crazy hair behind her ears. It was mildly successful. “Not too sure. Probably not omelets.” She shrugged. “I think we’re supposed to use the blocks of wood for the spell, but I’m thinking of using the box.” From what she remembered, different woods were easier to Transfigure. “I’m glad that Aaron – Professor McKindy, sorry – said that this is gonna be more long term. My brain can’t pick a thing to focus on here.”

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    • Don't get me started on Tom - Marissa Kendrick (5th Year Aquila), Sat Jan 28 17:52
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