Wishful thinking is mine
Mon Jul 16, 2018 19:56

ďNo Iím not,Ē Dade growled, staring pointedly at his knees, covered with the black fabric of his slightly-more-fitted jeans. He hadnít thought about the fact that he hadnít told Drew that heíd failed his exams and was being held back a year. Obviously Dade hadnít told anyone else - Kit had the attention span of a particularly challenged pixie and Remington had turned evil and Anssi wasnít really his friend, just a tagalong to self defense club - but if he had been planning on telling someone, it would have been Drew. Drew, because he was smart and nice and funny and he would probably be really nice about it instead of act stupid or like a know-it-all. But Dade hadnít been writing Drew over the summer, just Madeleine, and he hadnít told Madeleine either. She probably didnít mind one way or the other anyway.

There had been a moment last night that Dade thought about going to Drewís room and telling him, but after the summer when Remington had gotten to visit with Drew and Dade hadnít, Dade had been able to talk himself into thinking that Drew didnít really want to be good friends anyway. Certainly not the kind of friends that told each other things like that, or hung out in each othersí rooms. And then that morning Dade had been kind of inclined to ask Drew to eat breakfast with him and tell him then, but Dade had been too anxious to go down to breakfast. It was only when he remembered that he had the Beaterís bat that Dade had worked up the courage to leave his room.

Did Dade even have to explain to Drew that heíd been held back now? Did Drew care? It seemed like Drew was confused, and it seemed like he was trying to be nice, but Drew was always nice. Maybe he was just being nice to Dade because he was nice to everyone. Maybe he didnít actually care.

Dade hunched his shoulders over his knees and encircled his arms around them. He looked down at the boots again. His new clothes still made him feel anxious but good at the same time. Holland really knew what they were doing, even if their tendencies were to be much more weird than Dade was strictly comfortable with. He felt jealous of their make-up most of all though, but there was no way to wear make-up without looking like a nonbinary or something so Dade wasnít about to do that.

ďI failed my STOATs,Ē the third-year elaborated tersely. There. Heíd told Drew. His cheeks were flushed now and he squeezed his knees tightly. This sucked.

  • Music is kind of my thing - Andrew Tennant, Mon Jul 16 18:58
    The first thing Drew noticed when he arrived at his first class of third year was that Aunt Cindra had redecorated the classroom. There were curtains on the fake window in his favorite color (dark... more
    • Wishful thinking is mine - Dade, Mon Jul 16 19:56
      • What did you wish for? - Drew, Mon Jul 16 21:57
        Dade argued, which was what always happened when you told Dade he was wrong about something. Right now was one of the rare times when Drew was really sure he was right, but he didnít argue back... more
        • You can't tell your wishes! - Dade, Tue Jul 17 05:31
          Admittedly, Dade hadnít really thought through what was going to happen after he told Drew that heíd failed his STOATs. If he had thought it through, though, what he would have expected was some sort ... more
          • How about a hint? - Drew, Tue Jul 17 10:57
            The last couple times someone had come close to crying in front of Drew, they had been total strangers. He thought he got along with Satveer and Leon now, but it had still been really uncomfortable... more
            • You have to earn your hints - Dade Farnon, Wed Jul 18 17:14
              Huh. Drew thought it was possible that Dade could maybe not go to Defense Against the Dark Arts for the entire term. Dade was skeptical about that idea because he was skeptical about Professor... more
              • Would you take a trade? - Drew, Wed Jul 18 18:39
                Drew wasnít sure that it would work, but, as he told Dade, ďIt canít hurt to ask.Ē There had to be a way to spin it to Aunt Cindra. The hard part would be getting her to agree to individual lessons... more
                • Depends on what you've got - Dade, Fri Jul 20 06:46
                  Oh no. Dade thought heíd told Drew he couldnít do self defense club anymore but he apparently hadnít, and now he couldnít remember what he had thought heíd told Drew was the reason. Because he... more
                  • Hopefully something you want - Drew, Fri Jul 20 08:37
                    Wait, what? Confused, Drew furrowed his brows. Remington and Claudia werenít friends. At least he didnít think they were. Okay, he had seen them talking at the April Foolís party (which must be the... more
                    • You gotta be more specific - Dade, Fri Jul 20 10:08
                      Dade was in a bad mood now. Drew wasnít mad, but Dade should have known that the other Cetus wouldnít believe him. Nobody ever believed him anymore, except Rose and Holland. Maybe if Holland and Rose ... more
                      • That would ruin the surprise! - Drew, Fri Jul 20 11:08
                        Because he had grown up being simultaneously the hero to Kitís sidekick and the sidekick to Kitís hero, Drew had what one of their elementary school teachers had once called ďinhuman patience.Ē Drew... more
                        • I don't like surprises - Dade, Fri Jul 20 16:45
                          Oh. Drew was presenting a point that Dade hadnít thought of. It made much more sense for Remington to be pretending to be Claudiaís friend to spy on her for Dade, if only because Claudia was slimy... more
                          • Iíll warn you next time - Drew, Fri Jul 20 17:34
                            You had to understand how people normally reacted to things so that you understood how important them not reacting to something was. For example, if Dade had had an argument against what Drew was... more
                            • So what about this time? - Dade, Fri Jul 20 18:14
                              What if I were? was the phrase that wanted to come out of Dadeís mouth. He was feeling impulsive and a little reckless and like his heart was beating a little too fast. He didnít didnít know why he... more
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