What did you wish for?
Mon Jul 16, 2018 21:57

Dade argued, which was what always happened when you told Dade he was wrong about something. Right now was one of the rare times when Drew was really sure he was right, but he didn’t argue back because Dade didn’t sound like he would listen. Not that he listened normally, but right now he looked like there was a little black raincloud hanging over his head, or like he might suddenly turn into a werewolf and try to take a bite out of Drew, so there was no point disagreeing.

Then Dade kept talking, and it turned out that Drew wasn’t right after all. “Oh,” Drew said, wishing that that didn’t make as much sense as it did. Dade was one of the smartest people Drew knew, and the fourth-year he shouldn’t have failed his STOATs. It just should never have happened, because he’d always had good grades and was probably tied with Remy for the smartest person in their group, and she was brilliant. Except…

Except that Dade had skipped basically all their classes last year after the thing with Claudia. And except that Drew was pretty sure he hadn’t been using all that extra time for more studying. And except that Dade had gotten class notes from Drew, not from Remy or someone else in their year or someone who was better at taking notes than Drew was. Knowing all those things, Drew could believe Dade had failed his STOATs. It just sucked.

But it also made sense of another confusing thing: over the summer Remy had said Dade wasn’t writing back to her. At the time, Drew thought was really odd, especially because he’d been writing back to Madeleine. But Dade had probably just been embarrassed about failing his exams and didn’t want to talk about it with someone who had probably gotten all O’s on hers. Drew wasn’t even that smart and he knew that he’d be horribly embarrassed if he failed his exams and got held back. For someone as smart as Dade, failing must have felt like a kick in the teeth. He must have just felt like it was safe to talk to Madeleine because she would never ask about classes or exam grades.

Drew sat down on the floor next to Dade, on the side where the older student’s backpack wasn’t. He put his wand, which had been in his hand, down on his other side. Dade wasn’t a huggy kind of person, but right now he looked wretched and Drew didn’t know what else to do to help. He put his arm around Dade’s hunched shoulders in a one-armed hug. “That really sucks. I’m sorry.”

  • Wishful thinking is mine - Dade, Mon Jul 16 19:56
    “No I’m not,” Dade growled, staring pointedly at his knees, covered with the black fabric of his slightly-more-fitted jeans. He hadn’t thought about the fact that he hadn’t told Drew that he’d failed ... more
    • What did you wish for? - Drew, Mon Jul 16 21:57
      • You can't tell your wishes! - Dade, Tue Jul 17 05:31
        Admittedly, Dade hadn’t really thought through what was going to happen after he told Drew that he’d failed his STOATs. If he had thought it through, though, what he would have expected was some sort ... more
        • How about a hint? - Drew, Tue Jul 17 10:57
          The last couple times someone had come close to crying in front of Drew, they had been total strangers. He thought he got along with Satveer and Leon now, but it had still been really uncomfortable... more
          • You have to earn your hints - Dade Farnon, Wed Jul 18 17:14
            Huh. Drew thought it was possible that Dade could maybe not go to Defense Against the Dark Arts for the entire term. Dade was skeptical about that idea because he was skeptical about Professor... more
            • Would you take a trade? - Drew, Wed Jul 18 18:39
              Drew wasn’t sure that it would work, but, as he told Dade, “It can’t hurt to ask.” There had to be a way to spin it to Aunt Cindra. The hard part would be getting her to agree to individual lessons... more
              • Depends on what you've got - Dade, Fri Jul 20 06:46
                Oh no. Dade thought he’d told Drew he couldn’t do self defense club anymore but he apparently hadn’t, and now he couldn’t remember what he had thought he’d told Drew was the reason. Because he... more
                • Hopefully something you want - Drew, Fri Jul 20 08:37
                  Wait, what? Confused, Drew furrowed his brows. Remington and Claudia weren’t friends. At least he didn’t think they were. Okay, he had seen them talking at the April Fool’s party (which must be the... more
                  • You gotta be more specific - Dade, Fri Jul 20 10:08
                    Dade was in a bad mood now. Drew wasn’t mad, but Dade should have known that the other Cetus wouldn’t believe him. Nobody ever believed him anymore, except Rose and Holland. Maybe if Holland and Rose ... more
                    • That would ruin the surprise! - Drew, Fri Jul 20 11:08
                      Because he had grown up being simultaneously the hero to Kit’s sidekick and the sidekick to Kit’s hero, Drew had what one of their elementary school teachers had once called “inhuman patience.” Drew... more
                      • I don't like surprises - Dade, Fri Jul 20 16:45
                        Oh. Drew was presenting a point that Dade hadn’t thought of. It made much more sense for Remington to be pretending to be Claudia’s friend to spy on her for Dade, if only because Claudia was slimy... more
                        • I’ll warn you next time - Drew, Fri Jul 20 17:34
                          You had to understand how people normally reacted to things so that you understood how important them not reacting to something was. For example, if Dade had had an argument against what Drew was... more
                          • So what about this time? - Dade, Fri Jul 20 18:14
                            What if I were? was the phrase that wanted to come out of Dade’s mouth. He was feeling impulsive and a little reckless and like his heart was beating a little too fast. He didn’t didn’t know why he... more
                            • It’s a little late - Drew, Fri Jul 20 19:07
                              Drew was honestly so relieved that Dade wasn’t actively arguing with him anymore that he almost missed the question. It was a question literally no one had ever asked him before, and Drew didn’t know ... more
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