I think I can manage that!
Mon Jul 16, 2018 22:08

Luckily Keith nodded and seemed happy to go first, and so Anssi took out his wand and waited to be the target of this spell. Maybe it was strange that he was not as confident as a younger student with a spell they had learned last year, and probably his brother would have called him out for just being shy or something like that, but he preferred it when his partners in class took the lead. He still felt a bit worried sometimes that his accent would get in the way of his spell-casting. According to Ruben, spells were more about intention than the words you said, which was why he was able to do spells without saying anything at all and some spells even without his wand, but he definitely wasn’t at that level himself.

He was kind of curious about the animal transforming lessons, though. Neither of his older siblings had studied to turn into animals, not at RMI or at Durmstrang, and they both seemed to think it was just not a useful skill to have. Anssi supposed that was correct; every animal would have some limitations and wasn’t it better in most cases to just stay human instead? However, apparently you had to be really good with silent and wand-free magic in order to learn animal transforming, so there was skill involved in that direction at least. It was in fourth-year that it was possible to join that class at RMI… well, not quite a class, it sounded more like having a private meeting with just yourself and Professor Aaron, and he assumed most fourth-years could not really do anything with animal transforming so it must be a very basic type of meeting. Still. He wanted to sign up. Maybe that would help him feel a bit braver in other classes, too.


The blonde nodded back and braced himself, automatically gripping his wand more tightly. It was a weird feeling when the spell hit, like a feeling of sticking his hand in a bucket of soup except his wand was a noodle and just slid right out, and he couldn’t help stumbling a couple steps back as he watched the ridged birch stick go flying through the air towards Keith. Hopefully he was able to catch it - or if it fell on the ground, hopefully it wouldn’t be damaged - Anssi exhaled a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding when it became obvious his wand was safe, and flashed his fellow Draco a grin. “That was good! I did not think it could push me too,” he remarked, walking forwards with his left hand out to receive his wand back. “Were you doing any special thing for that to be happening?”

  • OK the first thing we do is smile - Keith, Sun Jul 15 10:34
    The person Keith had ended up speaking to was a fellow Draco, this one a year older than Keith himself, Anssi. Keith had paired with him a couple of times last term, but he wouldn’t call them friends ... more
    • I think I can manage that! - Anssi, Mon Jul 16 22:08
      • Keith watched as he not only completed the spell correctly but also made Anssi stumble a few steps. The second-year caught the other blondes’ wand. He had never been able to make his dad stumble in... more
        • Perhaps a wave will do the trick - Anssi, Sat Jul 21 13:04
          The other Draco claimed that nothing extra was needed, and Anssi nodded thoughtfully. Well. Frowned a little, and also nodded. According to Ruben, who was one of the best magic duelers he knew (and... more
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