Marley Chapman
Moment incoming!
Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:59

It was at pretty much the last possible minute before sending her updated courselist back to RMI that Marley decided she would continue on with Spellwork after all. After juggling eight classes, Quidditch, AgriClub, and the musical last term, it was obvious that she needed to cut down or else she’d go crazy be even busier and more stressed and not have time to hang out with her friends. (‘Crazy’ was a Loaded Word and also it didn’t properly sum up what she meant.) She’d managed to remove a few, including Spellwork originally, but then was interested to join the Healing internship since it was such a unique opportunity, and then changed her mind on Spellwork again. At the end of the day, her changes were to add the internship and drop Cultural Studies (which she felt guilty about but like, she was so much more socially aware than at least half the other students who really needed to be taking it, and also Professor Blair-West had mentioned there were some mandatory classes even for those who weren’t taking it regularly so she wouldn’t be totally missing out). So she was right back where she started at eight.

This was probably a mistake, but oh well. Hopefully in the first couple weeks she would be able to decide what else to get rid of, if anything, although hopefully there was something because as interested as she was in all of these subjects she really didn’t want to do eight courses again, and hopefully Counsellor Tennant would be happy to do the paperwork or whatever to help her drop them late.

Today was their first Spellwork class, and Spellwork being the most tentative on her courselist, she wanted to give it her best shot since it might wind up also being the last Spellwork class she took this term-slash-ever. Having gotten up early to review her notes from last year (and then giving up two chapters in and joining her housemates in the Diner because she totally overestimated her ability to study before breakfast), she arrived to the classroom feeling moderately prepared and gave Professor McKindy a cheerful wave. At his instruction to pair up, the dark-skinned girl looked around the room, fiddling with the hem of the long orangey shirt she had on over shiny galaxy-print leggings. It would be easy to just partner with Roger, since they’d arrived together, but…

Spotting her girlfriend friend girl umm anyways, Marley turned and started walking over. She’d felt the spontaneous impulse to hug Teal when she saw her, which was a normal spontaneous impulse and one she didn’t think twice about at first, but then it occurred to her that was maaaybe not a great idea. They hadn’t had a chance to properly talk since term started since Teal was often, well, she wasn’t sure exactly where she was but Marley assumed she was either in Draco or just actively hiding from her around the grounds. While she wasn’t sure a capital-t Talk was necessary, talk in general was, since all they had done over the summer was write letters back and forth and that didn’t count (and how was that all they’d done??). And if during class would be the only time she could catch Teal, then a class-talk it would be. Sorry, Professor McKindy. She doubted he would be using Legilimency on them during class, but just in case, she thought an apology anyways.

Marley hadn’t realized how much her sneakers had slowed down until Kateri had intersected and was in her way. The older girl had a big frown, and Marley’s tentative “what’s up?” resulted in a rant about how Susan, the editor of Rocky Voices, had rejected (which seemed like too strong a word considering it was Susan but she knew better than to correct Kateri) her suggestion for a student-news column (which sounded like she just wanted to spread gossip on paper and Marley wasn’t surprised at all she got turned down but again, she knew better than to point that out to Kateri). Her roommate’s sister only stopped talking once Marley shushed her, facing the front of the room as the lecture was starting. At some point Kateri wandered off, possibly to keep whisper-ranting at someone who wasn’t paying so much attention to the lesson, but the Lyra didn’t notice. A little wrinkle had formed between dark brows; Marley had heard about Pensieves, but never expected that she might get to use one. She couldn’t take her eyes off the bowl - at least not until Professor McKindy pulled memories out of his brain, and then she couldn’t take her eyes off that. This was so neat.

Then he was directing them to get started and she realized she’d lost Kateri as a possible partner. Fortunately she spotted Teal again, who was headed straight for her. Ever the optimist, Marley flashed her a smile as she approached, though she stuck to her original decision and didn’t offer a hug. “Hi! Got any ideas for memories yet?” she asked. “Cause I don’t, so ummm maybe we can go near the back of the line if that’s okay with you?” Starting to walk back, she suddenly felt jitterbuggy except with less brass and more flailing, and ran a nervous hand over her mane of kinky curls. “And Teal,” she said abruptly, possibly interrupting whatever the other girl had been saying, if anything, but not noticing because they couldn’t keep putting this off and apparently she was the only one who could do anything about that, “Teal, we gotta talk about… us. I mean we can try using the Pensieve for it, I guess, since,” she flapped a hand to indicate the class she’d committed to doing her best in today, “but we gotta talk too.”

  • Let's make some more moments - Teal Rosse, Tue Jul 17 09:40
    Spellwork was one of Teal’s favorite classes. Professor McKindy was funny (in both ways), and the subject came naturally to her. To be honest, Teal felt bad for someone who wasn’t good at wandwork.... more
    • Moment incoming! - Marley Chapman, Tue Jul 17 12:59
      • Shields up, yellow alert - Teal, Fri Jul 20 11:50
        Marley seemed, like, kinda weird, in Teal’s opinion. Normally they were both super bouncy and excited, and today Marley seemed bouncy, but she didn’t hug her. Teal hadn’t gotten to see her as much as ... more
        • Well that's just unproductive - Marley, Sat Jul 21 22:35
          Now that she’d suggested it, it occurred to her that using their memory assignment to help with this conversation might actually be helpful, or at least more efficient. Like, talking about difficult... more
          • What would you consider productive? - Teal, Sun Jul 29 12:07
            Okay, this was not going well. Marley was using the determinedly calm voice that Mom and Dad sometimes used on Violet. It meant you were starting to get pissed off but you didn’t want the other... more
            • Actually hearing me would be a start - Marley, Tue Jul 31 16:05
              She’d tried to explain what she meant, but Teal seemed to have caught onto the word instead and not paid attention to her explanation. Oops, again. This was probably her own fault. ‘Selfish’ was one... more
              • But that’s so difficult - Teal , Sat Aug 4 13:28
                Teal felt like Marley was misinterpreting everything she was saying and that she must have misinterpreted everything Marley was saying. First it had gone from “we need to talk” to parents and selfish ... more
                • What's right isn't always easy - Marley, Sat Aug 4 23:37
                  She had been hoping that Teal would agree to just letting her go first, but instead the other girl was… apologizing? Okay, that was a start. They weren’t at the very front of the line yet, so they... more
                  • That’s not great motivation - Teal, Sun Aug 5 10:33
                    There weren’t many times Teal got exactly what she asked for. Surprisingly, her plea had gotten through to Marley. Unsurprisingly, Teal didn’t want to hear what the other girl had to say. Marley... more
                    • Too bad this wasn't motivation enough - Marley, Sun Aug 5 21:00
                      Marley felt an immediate wave of guilt at the look on the other girl’s face. She’d never seen Teal look so sad before, and it made her feel even worse, and she had to hastily wipe an extra set of... more
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