Any regrets?
Tue Jul 17, 2018 16:04

Claudia tried not to flinch when Remington touched her. Her tentatively developing acquaintanceship with the fourth year was based almost solely on the genuinely selfless way Remy had come to Claudia’s aid. She didn’t know her well enough to trust her, but Claudia was having trouble trusting most people these days - not without good reason - so currently her partner for this class was one of Claudia’s most trusted peers. That made her an ideal companion to witness the source of much of Claudia’s distress (although not all of it; to explain her hellish existence with one singular catalyst was insultingly reductive), and her friendship with Dade might place her in a unique position to offer further insight into the otherwise inexplicable event. Claudia managed only to clench her jaw, refraining from wrenching her arm away from Remy’s contact.

Then the younger student entered Claudia’s memory, which was a nerve-wracking experience as an onlooker. Claudia busied herself by selecting a vial in which the memory could be stored before being disposed of, as Professor McKindy assured her would happen (in some ways it would please her to show everyone exactly what had happened in the corridor that day, but Claudia had also emptied the contents of her stomach, and been terrified, and forgotten how to cast any spell that might be useful, and she did not want these particular vulnerabilities being broadcast too widely). Then Remington resurfaced, her bow-adored head ducking as the Draco tried to catch her breath. Claudia allowed her to take a moment to recover, while she safely transferred her memory to the vial, readying the pensieve for the next pair of students; They could rejoin the queue to enable Remington opportunity to try the spell when she was ready.

Tentatively approaching her partner, Claudia halted when Remy said her name, and then proceeded to apologize, claiming she ‘didn’t know.’ Claudia’s breath caught in her throat, her breathing hitched. She had believed that Remington would know what to expect from her memory. Surely Dade would have told her about it? Claudia remembered they had been barely inseparable immediately after the fact. Yet apparently not, as Remy claimed not to have known.

“What didn’t you know?” Claudia whispered, confusion and concern evident in equal proportion as she stepped further from the pensieve the afford them more privacy. “I thought Dade would have told you something,” she said, a pleading tone entering her voice as she understood that Remington had not known what she was agreeing to witness, after all. Claudia had not intended to cause her undue distress. She cautiously placed her hand on Remington's arm to offer what comfort she was able.

  • No turning back now - Remington, Mon Jul 16 16:44
    The more she thought about it and took in Claudia’s body language, the more certain Remington was about what was going to happen. If it was something that someone needed to see, that Claudia needed... more
    • Any regrets? - Claudia, Tue Jul 17 16:04
      • Forget regret - Remington, Sat Jul 21 17:13
        Admittedly, Remington knew very little about the incident between Dade and Claudia. Dade made it seem like he’d been in danger of being attacked and was reacting. If there were more, she hadn’t been... more
        • Forget forgiveness - Claudia, Sun Jul 22 11:39
          The fifth year had genuinely not expected Remington to be so affected by her memory, and she might be close to regretting her decision, except for the relief flooding through her that she had not... more
          • Can you imagine? - Remington, Sun Jul 22 18:24
            Remington hoped that this would have made things more clear, but instead things were more confused. Why hadn’t Dade told her about this? Like, why hadn’t he told her anything? He was her first friend ... more
            • I have an exceptional imagination - Claudia, Mon Jul 23 14:28
              When Remington confessed that she didn’t know whether she was still friends with Dade, Claudia found herself feeling something akin to sympathy for the other girl. She knew what it was like to have a ... more
              • Remington didn’t realize just how hurt she’d been at Dade’s lack of responses over the summer until Claudia provided her with new information. Apparently, Dade hadn’t even been home to receive her... more
                • There are so many problems right now - Claudia, Wed Jul 25 15:03
                  Remy didn’t comment on the information about Dade living away from home for the duration of the summer, so Claudia elected to let the matter slide; it was of no further consequence to her, and she... more
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