Joseph Blair
As long as you go easy on the noobs
Tue Jul 17, 2018 23:15

“...And then, smash!

Slumped over a bowl of Frosties, all that Joey could manage at his new roommate’s shout was a blink. Jarrett didn’t seem too fussed by that and kept right on with some tall tale about why his nose was bent out of shape. That was good - he wouldn’t’ve wanted to throw the kid off his game, ‘specially when it wasn’t his fault. His story was actually an interesting one, and Joey wished he could pay sharper attention to it, since he had a ton of experience on boards-on-water but never boards-on-the-street and it’d be helpful to know what to look out for if he ever got to use a skateboard himself (with a helmet, duh, he’d never be able to shake Mum’s snipey voice in his head otherwise). But all he’d managed to catch were references to a pole and a dog and an extra-thorny rosebush, and he’d lost how they were connected, and he’d lost how he was connected,

and then his nose landed in the bowl and he jolted awake, snorting milk across the table.

Jarrett had immediately laughed and then said it was fine, but it wasn’t at all his fault, for real, okay? He had tried hard last night but could only manage lying in his new bed pretending to sleep for an hour before he gave up and cracked open a book instead, and then he’d finally crashed only to be woken up in short time by his roomie’s insistence that they have a morning dance-off to celebrate their first day or some rubbish like that. And by now, face mopped dry and the black ends of his bowlcut flopping in his eyes while he stumbled after the crowd, it was past midnight in Straya and he was supposed to be going to class. He never stayed up this late at home. This state of mind, he was what his Uncle Noah would call a right cot case. He could barely focus on the flying chalkboard’s letters well enough to read ‘em, let alone do a spell.

Wait woah they were gonna do spells today? Like right away? Joey blinked again (he’d been awake for heaps too sadly long for that to have only been the second time he blinked today, but it sure felt like just the second time to him) and straightened up as best he could. Didn’t get very far, since the chair he’d dropped down in practically the minute he’d entered the classroom had an extra thick, yellow, poofy cushion, but he tried to zoom his eyes in on the teacher. She’d been rambling about Dark Forces earlier, which just reminded him of Star Wars, but she’d stopped now and instead just casually attacked what looked like the only other Asian in the room. Joey promptly sunk down in his chair again, juuust in case this was racial profiling, because even though technically he was only half-Asian he sure looked full Asian, and waited until she had waved them all off to get started before pushing himself out of his chair.

Unclipping the top of his knapsack, Joey slid out a long rectangular box and gingerly retrieved the stick - wand - that was inside. According to Dad, wands were pretty durable because they were magic, but Dad was also the type of person who thought thongs were durable even though his broke down every year from wearing them too much and he had to snag bread clips on the straps so that they didn’t go flying off his feet. According to Mum, it didn’t matter how durable it was because it cost more than his cauldron plus all his textbooks for the year, and he better keep it in the protective box when he wasn’t using it. Joey had no idea for himself how durable it was and also had no intention of finding out in case it wasn’t, so even though he was pretty sure none of the other first-years would be carrying their wand around inside its box, he was willing to play along as a Just In Case.

Once he had his light-coloured wand in one hand and newly re-packed knapsack in the other, he glanced around, stuffed the knapsack between the yellow chair and the wall, and then took a few idle steps towards where some other students were standing. Oh phew, one of them noticed him. Joey waved back at the other boy with a grin. “Ta, that’d be ace. Gon’ need some time to wind up, or ya good to shoot?” He thought he was all set to go - or rather he couldn’t see how he could prepare to get attacked with a spell - but some warning of when to expect getting hit was never unappreciated. Paige had a great little phase when she was younger of hitting him instead of using words to ask for stuff, but she adored their dad and had taken seriously his warning that words were important too, such that their mini-scuffles were soon always being led by her high-pitched voice announcing “Joe I’mma smack”.

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    Today was Elliot’s first real day of wizarding school. The eleven-year-old woke up really early, which he only ever did on Christmas or his birthday or similarly super exciting days. This could... more
    • As long as you go easy on the noobs - Joseph Blair, Tue Jul 17 23:15
      • I’m as new as you are - Elliot, Thu Jul 19 22:52
        The accent surprised Elliot, not just because he hadn’t been expecting an accent, but because if he had had to guess what kind of accent his dueling partner would have, he wouldn’t have guessed the... more
        • This'll be fun, then - Joey, Sat Jul 21 16:19
          Joey shrugged in an I guess, if you say so kind of way, but didn't bother making words to accompany the gesture. Instead he just kept moving, mirroring the bloke's step back and luckily not the part... more
          • As long as we’re all having fun - Elliot, Wed Jul 25 22:22
            A jet of Sith-red light zoomed from Elliot to his partner. It was supposed to hit the other first year, but it bounced off like a force field and disappeared. It wasn’t what Professor Embers (“... more
            • All in consensus here - Joey, Thu Aug 16 22:51
              Right quick Joey found himself having to open his eyes up again, because his partner was back to talking and talking shut-eye wasn’t polite. Well, unless it was sleep-talking. Paige had a problem... more
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