Katherine Kendrick
I'm ready to rumble
Wed Jul 18, 2018 06:10

It was time for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which Kit Katherine was super hype for. She had such a fun time last year with self defense club and had learned so many things. One of those things was how to ninja dodge out of the way of spells, because in her opinion that was more fun than actually casting spells. But she’d learned to cast some spells too, and her grades in Defense had gone up (which maybe was favoritism a little bit because Aunt Cindra taught Defense and Aunt Cindra was the fun-fun aunt, as opposed to Aunt Cosette who was the fun-scary aunt and Sadie’s mom). Wow right, Katherine had forgotten she was going to be the oldest! That was so exciting, she was so prepared to help the younger kids that her down-the-hall skipping turned even more enthusiastic. She hadn’t gotten Es in Defense last year for nothing!

Once Kit entered the classroom, she could see that Aunt Cindra had made some changes. She immediately ran over to see close up what was going on, found some fidget spinners, and entertained herself by fidget-spinning until the smells that were coming from the spinner got to be too much and she had to drop it, coughing. The gangly redhead looked around, then picked up another fidget spinner and repeated the experiment. About to pick up a third one, Aunt Cindra started talking and Kit immediately plopped down exactly where she stood, her legs crossed, looking up at her aunt attentively.

Man, Kit was totally 110% prepared for this class. The disarming spell was one of the ones that she’d gotten pretty good at last year. Disarming people was fun, especially if you snuck up behind them while they were holding a candy bar or something. The cool thing was that it worked with everything, not just wands, so BAM someone else’s candy bar could be yours, just like that! Not that Kit would ever steal someone else’s candy, but it was really funny when that happened especially when she knocked something out of Dade’s hand and he tried to hex her right back and she dodged but sometimes during her dodging she tried to do a cool ninja roll and then ended up running into a wall and then she got hexed anyway but that was all fun for everyone so it was okay! She hadn’t even gotten a single concussion, not even once.

She was pretty sure.

Ready for class, Kit popped up and slid into the seat closest to her, which happened to be right next to the seat occupied by a first year. Or maybe a transfer. But probably a first year. Kit was so excited she wiggled anticipatorily in her seat. She was so ready to be a Role Model. So ready. She’d even left Darby in her room so that he wouldn’t distract her from being the best Role Model for the first years she could be (obviously Darby wouldn’t stay in her room all the time, but for the first day of class Kit thought it would be a good idea, just so that she could make a good first impression). Then the first year turned to her and said “let’s be opponents” and man was Kit ready to go.

“You’re on! She exclaimed, leaping off the stool and catching it with the toe of her boot, causing it to clatter to the ground right next to the Mokona backpack she’d left on the floor. Whoops. That was okay, she had an opponent now. “It’s time to DUEL,” Katherine said, whipping out her wand and striking a pose. Her pose, a little enthusiastic, made an errant zap of purple light come out of her wand. The zap hit the leg of the first year’s chair, promptly turning it into a small, model sailboat. “Whoops,” Kit flicked her wand at the sailboat, which only succeeded in turning it into a tin of sardines. With a frown, she raised her wand again. The leg of a stool couldn’t be that difficult to re-Transfigure, right?

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