Good. I'm not sure about the other steps.
Wed Jul 18, 2018 16:09

Keith watched as he not only completed the spell correctly but also made Anssi stumble a few steps. The second-year caught the other blondes’ wand. He had never been able to make his dad stumble in their practice. When his fellow Draco complimented him Keith beamed happily.

“Thanks! I didn’t do anything special. Just made sure the wand movements were right and thought about much I wanted your wand out of your hand.” It was the one thing Dad had made sure to drill into his mind. In order to cast the spell, you had to really want that thing to happen. He had promised that as Keith got older the less he would have to focus.

The twelve-year-old boy handed the older boy back his wand, and he smiled again. “Where are you from, Annsi?” He asked. The second-year figured as long as they were working on the spell Professor Embers couldn’t fault them for getting to know each other better.

“Are you ready to try?” Keith asked as held his wand up. He really did want to see how Annsi a student a year older would do. Would the other boy make the wand go flying or make the Keith stumble? He was kinda hoping the older boy wouldn’t be able to do as well as Keith did. It wasn’t that Keith wanted the other Draco to fail it was just Keith wanted to be the best in the classes. Last year he had not been, but he was determined to change that this term.

  • I think I can manage that! - Anssi, Mon Jul 16 22:08
    Luckily Keith nodded and seemed happy to go first, and so Anssi took out his wand and waited to be the target of this spell. Maybe it was strange that he was not as confident as a younger student... more
    • Good. I'm not sure about the other steps. - Keith, Wed Jul 18 16:09
      • Perhaps a wave will do the trick - Anssi, Sat Jul 21 13:04
        The other Draco claimed that nothing extra was needed, and Anssi nodded thoughtfully. Well. Frowned a little, and also nodded. According to Ruben, who was one of the best magic duelers he knew (and... more
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