Would you take a trade?
Wed Jul 18, 2018 18:39

Drew wasn’t sure that it would work, but, as he told Dade, “It can’t hurt to ask.” There had to be a way to spin it to Aunt Cindra. The hard part would be getting her to agree to individual lessons instead of the class, not in addition to it. He believed Cindra would be happy to tack on individual lessons, but that wasn’t what Dade wanted. Maybe they could point out that since Dade had already taken the third year Defense class, he didn’t need to repeat it, he just needed help with specific concepts, and that would be better done in individual lessons than in the group. They could say he was a different kind of learner than other students, as evidenced by last year’s curriculum not working for him, and how could they expect a different STOAT score from last year if she tried to teach him using the same way she had last year? Yeah, that might work. He held onto that idea for later.

And then—

“Wait, why can’t you do self-defense club?” Drew asked. Self-defense club was one of the top three things he had been looking forward to about this term, right up there with finally being able to go to Pearl Street, working on Rocky Voices, and seeing Darlene again. They didn’t have Ruben there sponsoring them anymore, but he’d given Remy a big old grimoire of things to work on in self-defense, and Drew couldn’t wait to check it out.

But the club wouldn’t be the same if all of them weren’t there. Drew assumed that Anssi would keep coming too, even though he had only been there in the first place because Ruben wanted to teach him. He wouldn’t say self-defense club was a “the more the merrier” situation, but Drew liked his yearmate and wouldn’t mind having him stay in the group.

His first thought was that Dade thought he wouldn’t have time for self-defense club because he needed to focus extra on school so he didn’t fail his STOATs again this year. Then he decided that that couldn’t be it because Dade probably wouldn’t stop being in the club even if it meant getting bad grades. Maybe Dade felt bad about messing up the fire ants spell on Claudia and was renouncing the club? But that also didn’t sound like something Dade would do.

  • You have to earn your hints - Dade Farnon, Wed Jul 18 17:14
    Huh. Drew thought it was possible that Dade could maybe not go to Defense Against the Dark Arts for the entire term. Dade was skeptical about that idea because he was skeptical about Professor... more
    • Would you take a trade? - Drew, Wed Jul 18 18:39
      • Depends on what you've got - Dade, Fri Jul 20 06:46
        Oh no. Dade thought he’d told Drew he couldn’t do self defense club anymore but he apparently hadn’t, and now he couldn’t remember what he had thought he’d told Drew was the reason. Because he... more
        • Hopefully something you want - Drew, Fri Jul 20 08:37
          Wait, what? Confused, Drew furrowed his brows. Remington and Claudia weren’t friends. At least he didn’t think they were. Okay, he had seen them talking at the April Fool’s party (which must be the... more
          • You gotta be more specific - Dade, Fri Jul 20 10:08
            Dade was in a bad mood now. Drew wasn’t mad, but Dade should have known that the other Cetus wouldn’t believe him. Nobody ever believed him anymore, except Rose and Holland. Maybe if Holland and Rose ... more
            • That would ruin the surprise! - Drew, Fri Jul 20 11:08
              Because he had grown up being simultaneously the hero to Kit’s sidekick and the sidekick to Kit’s hero, Drew had what one of their elementary school teachers had once called “inhuman patience.” Drew... more
              • I don't like surprises - Dade, Fri Jul 20 16:45
                Oh. Drew was presenting a point that Dade hadn’t thought of. It made much more sense for Remington to be pretending to be Claudia’s friend to spy on her for Dade, if only because Claudia was slimy... more
                • I’ll warn you next time - Drew, Fri Jul 20 17:34
                  You had to understand how people normally reacted to things so that you understood how important them not reacting to something was. For example, if Dade had had an argument against what Drew was... more
                  • So what about this time? - Dade, Fri Jul 20 18:14
                    What if I were? was the phrase that wanted to come out of Dade’s mouth. He was feeling impulsive and a little reckless and like his heart was beating a little too fast. He didn’t didn’t know why he... more
                    • It’s a little late - Drew, Fri Jul 20 19:07
                      Drew was honestly so relieved that Dade wasn’t actively arguing with him anymore that he almost missed the question. It was a question literally no one had ever asked him before, and Drew didn’t know ... more
                      • Never too late - Dade, Fri Jul 20 22:50
                        The words Drew was saying made sense but also the words Drew was saying made no sense. Dade just didn’t understand it. Why would you prefer to wear guy clothes all the time? Sure, Dade didn’t - no,... more
                        • Never say never - Drew, Fri Jul 20 23:57
                          There was this thing that Aaron did sometimes if he got too overwhelmed or if he and Dad were having a Serious Conversation: he would turn into his animagus form, a border collie, and hide under... more
                          • Hypocrite - Dade, Sat Jul 21 08:03
                            More than anything, Dade was annoyed. He was annoyed at himself for saying things that were confusing, he was annoyed at Drew for being nice and for saying things that made Dade say confusing things, ... more
                            • Grump - Drew, Sat Jul 21 12:11
                              Drew couldn’t help it: he jumped a bit when Dade smacked the table the first time. He wasn’t as startled when Dade did it again, but he was expecting a third hit and felt a little lacking when there... more
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