Could've, Would've, Should've
Wed Jul 18, 2018 21:32

There were plenty of memories Kaye could choose to show Nolan. Some might be genuinely entertaining for him, like when she went on the dolphin tour in Galveston with her dad. He’d painted this beautiful watercolor after. It was beautiful and nature themed, so Nolan might like that. But that sounded boring. What other memories could she dig up for her favorite peg legged Aquila?

It could be something fun for her. The week or so before going back to Rocky Mountain International, she and Ruben had gone on a trip together. Her apparation skills had improved enough to make it to a whole different country, and it had been amazing. She particularly liked the memory where they’d gone swimming together. If living in nature meant spending time in a gorgeous body of water with another gorgeous body, then sign her up. Then again, Ruben was barely clothed for most school events, so seeing all of him wouldn’t be that much of a shock for Nolan. It would just be a fun memory for her. She missed him. Okay, no, a Ruben memory made her feel a weird lump in her throat and a little lonely, which was totally lame and she was not going to be that kind of girlfriend.

Oh! She could just confuse the hell out of him. She should share her favorite memory of interacting with the pureblood world. He’d see a little eight year old girl with long sandy blonde hair in the middle of a soiree in Atlanta with the Byrons. Her curls would bounce as she wandered around, trying to sample all of the free hors d’oeuvres before the night was out, and the skirt of of her poofy pastel yellow dress would swish against her pantyhose trapped ankles. She always had to wear these flats that clicked against the floor with every step for the parties, and she felt particularly vindicated when she used them to stomp on a rude Fontenot boy’s feet and then ruined both of their white shoes by purposely spilling fizzy red punch on both of them. What would confuse Nolan more - the girl with the hair or the fact that she was clearly running around the pureblood world? Would he be baffled? That certainly sounded like fun.

But then Nolan agreed to her request with a condition that ruled out those options.

“I’ll show you that. If you show me how you lost your hair.” Nolan country-boy’d, making her raise an eyebrow before shifting her weight and placing a hand on her hip. That was certainly a request, and it wasn’t one she thought she could fulfil. It’s not like her hair loss was a singular event. Like, she didn’t just wake up and have zero hair. The loss was a series of events that couldn’t be encompassed in one memory. ...but Nolan didn’t have to know that.

“Game on,” she grinned and held out her hand for a firm shake. “It’s a deal. After you, then.”

  • You could’ve asked for a better one - Nolan, Mon Jul 16 19:37
    “Thought you might say that,” Nolan quipped back, before Kaye made her request. Then he was so surprised (but simultaneously not surprised) that he had to laugh. No one else Nolan had ever met would... more
    • Could've, Would've, Should've - Kaye, Wed Jul 18 21:32
      • All adds up to didn’t - Nolan, Fri Jul 20 11:43
        Nolan, who hadn’t counted upon the possibility that Kaye would accept the challenge, cocked an auburn eyebrow. He had been trying to respond to her request with an equally rude one. Could she even... more
        • Well damn, okay. They were really doing this. This made her respect (or mild interest, she didn’t exactly know the right word to use here) for Nolan to increase by at least half a letter grade. Like, ... more
          • I know my arithmetic - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 14:27
            Nolan didn’t especially want to watch the accident that had ended with his leg being amputated, but watching Kaye watch it without having a solid idea of what she was seeing was freaky. It’d be nice... more
            • Kaye wrinkled her nose at the mention of physical therapy. That kind of thing sounded annoying. Lazy by nature, the Aquila couldn’t imagine caring about something so much that she’d put herself... more
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