I’m as new as you are
Thu Jul 19, 2018 22:52

The accent surprised Elliot, not just because he hadn’t been expecting an accent, but because if he had had to guess what kind of accent his dueling partner would have, he wouldn’t have guessed the one that came out of his mouth. Was that profiling? Yes, but it seemed reasonable. Elliot didn’t think that he had an accent himself, although it was hard to tell because as far as he knew, the way he talked was normal. You couldn’t really tell if you had an accent. Mama claimed Dad had a slight NYC accent and Dad claimed Mama had a slight Boston accent, and both of them denied it. Elliot had heard people with heavy accents from both those cities and he didn’t think either of his parents really had accents, although he had noticed that they said “crayon” differently from each other.

But his partner was from Australia or maybe New Zealand (if Boston and New York City had different accents then obviously two countries would be different from each other, but Elliot didn’t know the difference between the two) and that was super cool. The Phippen family had never been anywhere in that part of the world, even though they went on vacation every year. Elliot was curious about Australia and/or New Zealand, but sometimes it wasn’t okay to ask people where they were from, so he would have to think about how to bring it up.

In the meantime they had a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson to get to, and player one was ready. “I’m good,” Elliot said, “but I think we need more space.” It seemed like overkill to shoot the other student with a spell point-blank. Elliot took a few steps backwards, bumped into a girl with short black hair, said he was sorry, and backed up some more, looking where he was going this time.

When they were a respectable distance away from each other, Elliot raised his wand. Even though he had only had it for a few weeks, his wand was his favorite thing that he owned. It was made of sycamore and phoenix feather, and the handle was carved with a twisty texture and just a little bit curved. It fit in Elliot’s hand better than any controller he had ever used. It was like it had been made for him, even though that was impossible because it wasn’t like they’d made a custom order. He and his family had just walked into a store, and the wandmaker measured Elliot with a floating tape measure and asked a few questions and then brought him some wands to try. Elliot had handled a bunch of them, not really sure what to look for, but then he’d picked up this wand—his wand—and he just knew. Just holding it had given him the feeling of drinking Mexican hot chocolate after coming in from a snowy day.

Expelliarmus!” Elliot said, copying Sadie’s aunt’s wand motion and picturing the wand flying out of the other guy’s hand. Whoops, Elliot had forgotten to introduce himself or ask his partner’s name. Well, whatever. There would be time to do that part later, Elliot thought, and was immediately distracted and delighted by a flash of scarlet light shooting out of his wand and hitting his yearmate.

  • As long as you go easy on the noobs - Joseph Blair, Tue Jul 17 23:15
    “...And then, smash! ” Slumped over a bowl of Frosties, all that Joey could manage at his new roommate’s shout was a blink. Jarrett didn’t seem too fussed by that and kept right on with some tall... more
    • I’m as new as you are - Elliot, Thu Jul 19 22:52
      • This'll be fun, then - Joey, Sat Jul 21 16:19
        Joey shrugged in an I guess, if you say so kind of way, but didn't bother making words to accompany the gesture. Instead he just kept moving, mirroring the bloke's step back and luckily not the part... more
        • As long as we’re all having fun - Elliot, Wed Jul 25 22:22
          A jet of Sith-red light zoomed from Elliot to his partner. It was supposed to hit the other first year, but it bounced off like a force field and disappeared. It wasn’t what Professor Embers (“... more
          • All in consensus here - Joey, Thu Aug 16 22:51
            Right quick Joey found himself having to open his eyes up again, because his partner was back to talking and talking shut-eye wasn’t polite. Well, unless it was sleep-talking. Paige had a problem... more
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