Dance is just memorization!
Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:38

Was this guy just a nervous person, or had Marissa accidentally done something to make him nervous? He didn’t seem to know her by name, so she wanted to assume it was the first one. The Aquila knew that she had a reputation at Rocky Mountain International, and it rarely bothered her, because there weren’t ever new people around to listen or care. For the most part, she knew her reputation was more teasing from friends than intentionally damaging. Contrary to popular belief, she did have standards; she just didn’t choose to share what they were.

Marissa smiled more. “Yeah, I’m usually the only one in a partnership who’s stumped, so it’s actually really nice to not be alone.” The red head was very smart, but her brain usually worked on things outside of class. Quidditch, party planning, social dynamics, she could handle those things. If street smarts were a class, she’d be getting Outstandings all of the time.

Assignments like this made her wish Rose was in this class. Marissa took decent notes when it came to doing readings, but her notes from lectures weren’t the best. They were scribbled and unorganized. It made her wish that Rose was in Potions with her. Her roommate’s notes from lectures always were better, and Marissa would get to copy them down after class. She flipped through her potions notebook and tried to find something from past lessons that’d help today. Nothing seemed familiar.

She nodded about the agrimony, also opening her textbook. From what she remembered about distillation, it took a hella long time, which was why they were being given two and a half hours. She glanced back up at the instructions, then started getting other ingredients out of her Potions kit, like the willowbark and flitterbloom.

“So, do you know anything about distillation? I took notes, but I’ve never done it before. Oh, I’m Russell, by the way. I guess that’s important. Or maybe not. Probably not. But...”

Marissa chuckled and shot him a very friendly, welcoming smile. “I’m Marissa. I took notes too, but they’re a little messy. I’m still trying to sort them out – ah!” She grinned, finding the page in her textbook that her notes referenced. Turns out, she just wrote down page numbers mentioned by Rob that day instead of taking Actual Notes. Was Past Marissa secretly brilliant, or was she making Present Marissa’s job harder? The Aquila could never tell.

“So it looks like we need to…make a solution,” she read from her textbook, then frowned. She glanced up at the board. “Oh, we need the willowbark first. For the solution-ing.” She moved her textbook closer to Russell, close enough for their arms to touch. Marissa didn’t always remember that personal space was a thing. “See? All of the distillation instructions are on this page.”

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    At the girl's reassurance that she didn’t have a partner, Russell backtracked once again, only this time not literally as he instead stepped forward. “Oh. Okay. Sounds good.” His eye twitched several ... more
    • Dance is just memorization! - Marissa, Sun Jan 29 11:38
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