Taking a tumble
Fri Jul 20, 2018 09:10

Even though Eugene’s opponent was a girl she was an older girl so he thought that might make it OK for him to start trying out his new defense moves on her. Eugene had been pleased to see that classes at magic school included people of all ages but Leopold told him they wouldn’t be having any classes together. Which was really sad because Eugene had wanted Leopold to teach him all the coolest magic tricks so that when he turned up for class he would impress everyone and maybe pull a rabbit out of a hat. Leopold said that was stupid and wizard’s didn’t do that but Eugene thought they must because he’d seen a few funny hats and he didn’t know why people would wear them if they weren’t keeping a rabbit inside. Eugene wondered what is was like to have a rabbit living in your hat and figured it was probably really tickly and Eugene was really ticklish so he might have to work on building up his tickle tolerance before he could get a rabbit.

After meeting Hunter he had decided that it would be the best to have lots and lots of older friends. That way Eugene would always be learning new things like what foods tasted most dangerous (but also really yummy) and how to properly greet people. Eugene realised he’d forgot to practice his handshake with his new opponent- maybe you weren’t supposed to shake hands with your opponent though? Eugene didn’t think disney villains were supposed to be all polite so he didn’t expect the magic snatchers to be either. Best to avoid the greetings then- more realistic.

Eugene was already learning So Much. Like how wizard self-defense was called a Duel but before Eugene could leap off his chair and match his opponent's enthusiasm, his chair appeared to knock him off instead and Eugene suddenly found himself much closer to the ground and awkwardly flopped on top of a small sailboat. Hah! Leopold was sooo wrong about the rabbits because if people were zapping chairs into tiny baby boats they were totally keeping rabbit in their hats!

Eugene grabbed the model sailboat and sat it in his lap and was about to ask the girl how she’d done it, if he could try it too, would they be giving the sailboat a fun name, and was it customary for wizards to launch an attack with baby boats? But BAM! Then the chair leg wasn’t a boat anymore but sardines! Eugene clambered to his feet, stepping over the remnants of his chair, and abandoning the sardine tin beside it. “That was amazing!” he gushed at his opponent, already forgetting all about the task set by the teacher, “can you teach me to do that? Do you just think a lot about fish and then-” Eugene waved his pointy stick at the tin of sardines but was disappointed when a stream of blue sparks shot out of the wood instead of a fish or some seaweed. “Huh,” Eugene said frowning, “maybe I don’t have a good connection to the sea. This one time I had a pet fish called Gary but then I threw him a glitter party and he ended up all flopping on his side- Mom said fish don’t like glitter you see-anyway Gary had to go away after that so I think maybe Gary put a bad word in about me with all the other fish. ” Eugene had only thought Gary should have a party because people always got birthday parties and new years parties and fish never got to go to them but he’d since learned that there was a Reason they didn’t go to parties and fish were more bookish anyway. “So I probably don’t have a very good connection with the fish,” he finished solemnly.

  • I'm ready to rumble - Katherine Kendrick, Wed Jul 18 06:10
    It was time for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which Kit Katherine was super hype for. She had such a fun time last year with self defense club and had learned so many things. One of those things was ... more
    • Taking a tumble - Eugene, Fri Jul 20 09:10
      • Well this is a jumble - Katherine, Fri Jul 20 10:37
        “It’s okay,” Katherine reassured the first-year in front of her. “I like tarantulas more. I didn’t bring Darby today but I can totally go and get him after class! He’ll be your best friend probably,... more
        • We are in a muddle - Eugene, Sat Jul 21 20:24
          “Is Darby good at staring contests?” Eugene immediately asked his opponent all thoughts of Gary quickly vanishing from his mind. Eugene knew that tarantulas had a lot of eyes but he’d never been sure ... more
          • Eugene was a weird name, but Katherine knew that she was going to be a great role model for him already. It seemed like he was asking good questions, like whether Darby was good at staring contests... more
            • Time to put it to bed - Eugene, Sun Jul 29 15:26
              “What’s a stoat? Is it an animal? How many legs does it ha- wait how many legs does a termite have? I’m trying to find an animal with seventeen legs- for my brother’s birthday. He’s going to be... more
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