Well this is a jumble
Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:37

“It’s okay,” Katherine reassured the first-year in front of her. “I like tarantulas more. I didn’t bring Darby today but I can totally go and get him after class! He’ll be your best friend probably, Darby loves people.” Well that wasn’t strictly true, Darby definitely didn’t love all people. He didn’t like Darlene, for example, and Kit was beginning to suspect that he didn’t like Kyle all that much but that was totally Kyle’s fault for running away all the time. “I make him clothes too, so we match sometimes.” Today was not a day that Katherine matched her pet. She was wearing boots she’d found in a closet at home. They were a kind of red and had a little bit of a platform-y heel, which was better than the poky sort of heels. Well, it was better if you were trying to walk. It was less better if you were trying to stab someone or even murder them, but Kit was totally not a murderer most of the time. Darlene was a patience-tryer but even now so far Darlene was 100% un-murdered. Some of her stupid frilly socks might be lost forever, though.

Darlene’s frilly socks were useful for a lot of things. Once you took the frilly parts off and cut them up a little bit, they made a great sleeping bag for Darby. Then you could use the frilly parts for other things, like trim for something small, or even to write out a ransom letter for the rest of her socks. Ooh, that was a good idea. That was something Kit would have to do this term. But she would wear gloves so nobody would be able to tell it was her. She had worked very hard with Darby so that he would only steal one of each sock, because Kit knew someone as prim-prissy as Darlene probably hated wearing socks that didn’t match. Plus then Kit could tell Drew that Darlene wore socks that didn’t match and he would think she was weird and then break up with her forever.

(Kit also wore not-matching socks, but they were the sort of socks that were supposed to not match, which was entirely different.)

Anyway that totally wasn’t the point right now, right now her new friend and role - wait, what was the opposite of a role model? A role modleee? That worked. Okay, her new role modleee was pointing his wand and that was totally super dangerous but it was Kit’s job to teach him all about what was and wasn’t dangerous. She was going to be so good at being a big sister.

“Also first you gotta be careful not to just wave your wand around,” Kit said with authority, gesticulating with her wand. “Because then you can sometimes zap your butt off.” Oh no, that was why you didn’t put it in jeans pocket. “Also don’t put it in your pocket because you can zap your butt off that way too. It happens to lots of people,” she added. “I haven’t zapped my butt off even once though, so I’m a good person to learn from. I can teach you all the super important things you need to know so that you can be good at magic and stuff. I even have a special club with my friends where we get extra good at magic, you can make one with your friends too if you want!”

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