Shields up, yellow alert
Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:50

Marley seemed, like, kinda weird, in Teal’s opinion. Normally they were both super bouncy and excited, and today Marley seemed bouncy, but she didn’t hug her. Teal hadn’t gotten to see her as much as she’d wanted to so far in term, because she still had to arrange a bunch of stuff for classes, and then it turned out she’d shark-week-ed all over her pajama shorts and had to run up to Pearl Street to buy new ones. Annie, despite being European (evidently they had more “enlightened” views about having to wear clothes all the time), firmly insisted on full sets of PJs. That conversation was definitely not one she wanted to share with anyone.

”Hi! Got any ideas for memories yet? Cause I don’t,” Marley said, and Teal shrugged and joined her as the two headed towards the back of the line. Maybe something about classes last term? Merlin knew most of their dates had been study dates. But then Marley anxiously continued ”We gotta talk about us,”, and Teal felt like she’d taken a bludger to the chest. Or what she imagined a bludger felt like, since you couldn’t pay her to get on a broomstick. No one ever said “we gotta talk about us” in a good way. She’d read enough books to know that was what you said when you were mad or upset at the other person, and most of the time it ended with breaking up, and … and why? Why would Marley want to? What was going on??

“Okay,” Teal tried to keep her voice even, but it came out more as a squeak. She instinctively turned away from the rest of the class, because she felt the sort of hot, headachey feeling coming on that meant she was going to cry. Teal was usually a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, and hiding her emotions was … basically impossible. The last time she had felt this impending feeling of doom (an actual serious one, not the feeling she’d had when Violet had joined her at RMI this year) was when she was 10 and got separated from the family out hiking. They’d come to a fork in the path, Teal had gotten distracted looking at a salamander, and when she looked up, everyone was gone. Small-Teal knew in her brain that she wouldn’t be lost in the woods forever, but her heart was telling her to go back and find the salamander because it was her family now.

Big-Teal felt just as lost now. We need to talk about us was a path with not very many ways back to safety.

“Yeah, sure we can talk,” Teal was twisting her fingers in her robes. “But when you say talk about us, that’s what people say when things-- when things with their girlfriend aren’t going so good. So that means you’re upset. But, you can’t be upset!” Teal looked pleadingly at Marley. Why was the other girl saying these things? They hadn’t fought, Teal hadn’t insulted Mister Sprockets, Teal hadn’t said anything racist that she could think of. She was confused and starting to get a little upset herself. “I haven’t done anything!”

  • Moment incoming! - Marley Chapman, Tue Jul 17 12:59
    It was at pretty much the last possible minute before sending her updated courselist back to RMI that Marley decided she would continue on with Spellwork after all. After juggling eight classes,... more
    • Shields up, yellow alert - Teal, Fri Jul 20 11:50
      • Well that's just unproductive - Marley, Sat Jul 21 22:35
        Now that she’d suggested it, it occurred to her that using their memory assignment to help with this conversation might actually be helpful, or at least more efficient. Like, talking about difficult... more
        • What would you consider productive? - Teal, Sun Jul 29 12:07
          Okay, this was not going well. Marley was using the determinedly calm voice that Mom and Dad sometimes used on Violet. It meant you were starting to get pissed off but you didn’t want the other... more
          • Actually hearing me would be a start - Marley, Tue Jul 31 16:05
            She’d tried to explain what she meant, but Teal seemed to have caught onto the word instead and not paid attention to her explanation. Oops, again. This was probably her own fault. ‘Selfish’ was one... more
            • But that’s so difficult - Teal , Sat Aug 4 13:28
              Teal felt like Marley was misinterpreting everything she was saying and that she must have misinterpreted everything Marley was saying. First it had gone from “we need to talk” to parents and selfish ... more
              • What's right isn't always easy - Marley, Sat Aug 4 23:37
                She had been hoping that Teal would agree to just letting her go first, but instead the other girl was… apologizing? Okay, that was a start. They weren’t at the very front of the line yet, so they... more
                • That’s not great motivation - Teal, Sun Aug 5 10:33
                  There weren’t many times Teal got exactly what she asked for. Surprisingly, her plea had gotten through to Marley. Unsurprisingly, Teal didn’t want to hear what the other girl had to say. Marley... more
                  • Too bad this wasn't motivation enough - Marley, Sun Aug 5 21:00
                    Marley felt an immediate wave of guilt at the look on the other girl’s face. She’d never seen Teal look so sad before, and it made her feel even worse, and she had to hastily wipe an extra set of... more
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