So what about this time?
Fri Jul 20, 2018 18:14

What if I were? was the phrase that wanted to come out of Dade’s mouth. He was feeling impulsive and a little reckless and like his heart was beating a little too fast. He didn’t didn’t know why he wanted to say it, but he really really did. If anyone was going to not care, it was Drew. Drew had two dads, which Dade still only kind of understood after knowing both of Drew's dads and now Drew for a couple of years. Also, Drew didn't look like either one of his dads and Drew's biological mom didn't live with them (and according to Kit, was a dragon). In general, Drew was just a good person and Dade couldn't see him beating anyone up or making fun of them or even telling someone else about someone's business if they didn't say it was okay. Dade chewed on his lip and looked at Drew until something else hit him.

“Wait what do you mean you don't want to?” Dade was anxious now and he was watching Drew closely. He was pretty sure Drew was pulling a prank on him or something. “But Madeleine said - I mean, she said - I mean, everyone wants to dress up like - play dress up sometimes.”

Until now, Dade had been certain that everyone wanted to be the other gender sometimes. It was a grass-is-greener thing. Like if Dade were a girl he could do all sorts of things: wear make-up, cute clothes, kiss Drew have long hair. Well, maybe not long hair. Dade wasn't entirely sold on the long hair thing. Holland had offered to help him with his hair too, but Dade wasn't sure how he felt about that so he had said no. If he were a girl he would probably have chin length hair with a little bit of an up-flip at the end. Maybe with the tips in a cool color like cobalt blue or purple. But it made sense that everyone had thought about that sort of thing because it was just the sort of thing people thought about. Dade had gone through a brief period when he was younger and Rose was about to leave for RMI where they had written a story together and Dade’s character had been like him, but a girl. It had been to make him feel better about her leaving and it had worked for a little while. The parchment had gotten lost at some point and Dade didn't know where it was now, but the point was that everyone did stuff like that.

“But we’d still be friends if I were a girl anyway, right?” Not that changing your gender was something real. Madeleine claimed it was but Madeleine was nine and didn’t always know things. Like princess detectives weren't real, but that never stopped Madeleine from playing princess detectives. “I mean like if I were playing dress-up with you or Madeleine or something obviously, I couldn't ever be a girl for real.” Dade added quickly. He looked around to make sure nobody was listening in to their conversation. It looked like everyone was busy doing what they had been assigned to do for class - no blatant eavesdropping here

  • I’ll warn you next time - Drew, Fri Jul 20 17:34
    You had to understand how people normally reacted to things so that you understood how important them not reacting to something was. For example, if Dade had had an argument against what Drew was... more
    • So what about this time? - Dade, Fri Jul 20 18:14
      • It’s a little late - Drew, Fri Jul 20 19:07
        Drew was honestly so relieved that Dade wasn’t actively arguing with him anymore that he almost missed the question. It was a question literally no one had ever asked him before, and Drew didn’t know ... more
        • Never too late - Dade, Fri Jul 20 22:50
          The words Drew was saying made sense but also the words Drew was saying made no sense. Dade just didn’t understand it. Why would you prefer to wear guy clothes all the time? Sure, Dade didn’t - no,... more
          • Never say never - Drew, Fri Jul 20 23:57
            There was this thing that Aaron did sometimes if he got too overwhelmed or if he and Dad were having a Serious Conversation: he would turn into his animagus form, a border collie, and hide under... more
            • Hypocrite - Dade, Sat Jul 21 08:03
              More than anything, Dade was annoyed. He was annoyed at himself for saying things that were confusing, he was annoyed at Drew for being nice and for saying things that made Dade say confusing things, ... more
              • Grump - Drew, Sat Jul 21 12:11
                Drew couldn’t help it: he jumped a bit when Dade smacked the table the first time. He wasn’t as startled when Dade did it again, but he was expecting a third hit and felt a little lacking when there... more
                • You're not wrong - Dade, Sun Jul 22 09:10
                  The last time Dade had been uncomfortable in Defense Against the Dark Arts, he had walked out of class because what was the professor going to do, stop him? And what had actually happened was Claudia ... more
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