Are you amicably welcoming him on, too?
Sun Jan 29, 2017 19:53

Soooo there was a cute girl hugging him. That was cool. Raja didn’t think he was really into girls yet, but also he wasn’t dumb enough to not realize that this was decidedly a pleasant experience, even if it was an almost too-bubbly (not that he could judge there) one who he wasn’t entirely sure if she was actually named Teal, or if she’d just decided to slip her favorite color into their conversation. The school year had been going on long enough to start figuring out names, which was obvious since she knew his, but then again, he was pretty sure she wasn’t a first year, so she only had a handful of new names to learn. He had to learn them all.

He hiccuped. “I am? I did?” Raja wasn't the smartest kid around, but he was definitely Not Stupid. Still, “genius” was a compliment he rarely got. Even if he’d said the right thing apparently by accident, he’d still said it. When she was done hugging him - he kinda froze up in her arms, not knowing what to do, neither hugging back or pushing her away - he retrieved Teal’s textbook where she’d pushed it away and began flipping to the table of contents in his own book. When he found it listed, he turned to the page it indicated, sharing the page number with her so she could look too.

Raja scanned over the instructions quickly. “Okay, do you want to start boiling the water and I can get - hic! - to work on skinning the shrivelfig? Or we can flip that if you’d prefer to - hic! -skin?” He wasn’t picky, personally, so he wanted to offer Teal whichever option she found more favorable. He glanced again at the ingredients list and pondered aloud, “How do you know if it’s a medium shrivelfig? Do you just - hic! - hold it up to some other ones and pick the medium-est one? Because that sounds pretty subjective.” Other than the one explicitly called Magical Science, Raja thought Potions was the closest thing magic had to science, since it was kinda similar to chemistry. But this sizing process didn’t seem very scientific at all.

  • It seems hic-splicable to me! - Teal Rosse [Draco], Wed Jan 25 18:58
    Teal Rosse wandered into the Potions lab a few minutes before class was supposed to start, still eating an apple from lunch. Or second lunch. The almost-thirteen-year-old had grown another inch since ... more
    • Are you amicably welcoming him on, too? - Raja, Sun Jan 29 19:53
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