Never say never
Fri Jul 20, 2018 23:57

There was this thing that Aaron did sometimes if he got too overwhelmed or if he and Dad were having a Serious Conversation: he would turn into his animagus form, a border collie, and hide under something. Usually he hid under the couch, but sometimes it was one of their beds. Dad didnít like it when Aaron did that. Drew thought he got why: sometimes you needed a little while to calm yourself down if you were upset, but running away during the middle of a conversation wasnít cool to the person you were having the conversation with, especially if it was an important one.

If Dade could turn into a dog and hide right now, Drew would bet his entire monthís allowance that he would do just that. In fact he was almost surprised Dade hadnít crawled under the bench in addition to curling up in a ball. Realizing that even with their sound inaudible the pair of Ceti were now very conspicuously having an intense conversation, Drew glanced around the room to check that no one was paying attention to them. It was hard to tell because they were sitting on the floor and everyone else was standing, except for Rosemarie, who had been knocked off her feet by her partnerís disarmer. It seemed like no one had noticed yet, but Drew wished they were somewhere else anyway.

Unfortunately they werenít, and Drew couldnít do the spells that would make it like they had disappeared completely, or that would make peopleís eyes just kind of skim over them without seeing. He considered trying a Disillusionment, but that would probably make it so Drew and Dade couldnít see each other either, which wouldnít help. He decided not to cast any spells. Considering how upset Dade was, he didnít want to risk startling him by picking up his wand again anyway.

It wasnít like they could do anything else, though. They were well past the point where either of them could go back to the lesson. Both of them already knew the spell, and everyone else in the class was already paired off anyway. Usually Dad gave Aaron a little while to calm himself down before trying to talk to him again. Now that he was in the current situation, Drew didnít know how Dad could do that. He wanted to say something right away, because even a second longer of silence would be too awkward, and gave Dade too much time to worry about what heíd just said anyway.

He managed to count to ten in his head before answering. ďIím not gonna stop being nice to you,Ē Drew said, unable to keep the incredulity out of his voice. ďItís not stupid. Itís what friends do.Ē Besides, Dade couldnít actually mean that he wanted that, right? Who on Earth wanted someone to stop being nice to them? Dade was probably just overwhelmed. He looked overwhelmed. Drew didnít know how to fix it but he wanted to. He wanted to hug Dade again, but that seemed like a really bad idea considering that Dade had pulled away so much. And alsoóand also what did Dade mean when he said he didnít know? Drew thought about that for a few moments before he decided what to say.

ďListen,Ē he told Dade gently, disobeying the request to stop being nice because he didnít know how to follow it, ďwhateverís going on with you, itís okay. It doesnít matter what it is, I just wanna help. Even if you think I canít help, or even if itís something that canít be changed, sometimes just telling someone about something makes it lessÖĒ He didnít know what word he wanted there, but settled after a moment on, ďscary. Itís your business and you donít have to tell me,Ē because I think I already know, ďunless you want to. It doesnít matter either way. Weíre friends no matter what.Ē

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