Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:11

Drew couldn’t help it: he jumped a bit when Dade smacked the table the first time. He wasn’t as startled when Dade did it again, but he was expecting a third hit and felt a little lacking when there wasn’t one, like Dade hadn’t completed a rhythm he was expecting.

This was the point at which Drew finally realized how far out of his depth he was. Up until now he’d thought he could more or less fix things by just being Dade’s friend. But now he was starting to think that maybe he needed actual information and knowledge about what was happening with Dade to help. Knowledge he didn’t have.

What would my dad do? The thought floated across his mind and Drew wasn’t sure. Dad was really good at helping people figure out what was wrong even when the person themself didn’t know why they were upset. He literally had a degree in that and had gone to school for it, though. Drew was just an almost-fourteen-year-old guy who had no clue what he was doing.

He picked up his wand and re-cast the privacy spell, just in case it had worn down. It seemed stronger this time. Ordinarily Drew would’ve been pleased with himself for that, but right now he was more focused on this conversation.

“Can I just tell you what I think I know, and then you can tell me if I’m wrong? I think,” he continued, regardless of response, “that you don’t feel like you’re a boy on the inside. Maybe you’re a girl, or maybe you’re like Holland and you’re in between, I don’t know, but I think that’s why the boys’ dorm stairs screw up for you sometimes, and why they worked for you when they were switched for everyone else.” The day the staircases switched was when Drew had first started to suspect Dade might not be a boy. “I think that’s why you used that spell on Claudia last year. You were scared she would do to you what she did to Holland because you’re transgender.” That was when Drew had become sure about what he suspected. He assumed Dade knew the word ‘transgender’ because he was kind of friends with Holland and it was impossible to spend any amount of time with them and not know words like transgender. Drew only knew it because he had asked Marissa some questions last year after the stairs thing, because of Dade.

“And I think you aren’t sure about anything and you haven’t talked to anyone about all of this crap, so it’s scarier than it needs to be.” Even though almost everyone else in his family kept things to themselves when something was wrong, Drew’s dad always said that talking about things made them easier to bear. Drew could believe that. Bottling things up just made you more upset. “Am I wrong?”

  • Hypocrite - Dade, Sat Jul 21 08:03
    More than anything, Dade was annoyed. He was annoyed at himself for saying things that were confusing, he was annoyed at Drew for being nice and for saying things that made Dade say confusing things, ... more
    • Grump - Drew, Sat Jul 21 12:11
      • You're not wrong - Dade, Sun Jul 22 09:10
        The last time Dade had been uncomfortable in Defense Against the Dark Arts, he had walked out of class because what was the professor going to do, stop him? And what had actually happened was Claudia ... more
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