Perhaps a wave will do the trick
Sat Jul 21, 2018 13:04

The other Draco claimed that nothing extra was needed, and Anssi nodded thoughtfully. Well. Frowned a little, and also nodded. According to Ruben, who was one of the best magic duelers he knew (and not just because he was his big brother and idolized him but because he really truly was the best), there was always a trick behind spells. On top of that, he claimed that people were naturally better at some spells than others. So maybe Keith thought he wasn't doing anything special, but actually he was naturally better at the expelli-spell. Or maybe Anssi himself was just naturally worse at going up against it. That also seemed believable.

If there were any spells Anssi was naturally better at, and there had to be something because Ruben said so, he hadn't found out what they were yet. His work in classes seemed pretty average. He'd improved at the shielding spell last year, as well as a couple harmless jinxes, such as one that made little blue flowers grow out of your opponent's ear, but that could probably be attributed to his brother convincing Drew to let him join their secret self defense club, or fighting club as Ruben called it. Of course he would get better at certain spells if he practiced them more. It was the same as practicing doing up a tie or rolling cookie dough or making your fingers into a good punch fist, all of which he could do passably but definitely did not qualify as having a natural skill for.

Fingers wrapping back around his wand, he answered Keith's question without thinking twice. He had been asked this over and over again when they first moved to America. Sometimes it had felt like none of his classmates at Muggle school knew anything about Europe outside of London having busses with two floors and a big clock tower that got blown up in some popular movie. Maybe Keith was the same way. "I am from Sweden, and my home is being a seaside-city named Umeċ. But I am also Finnish because my mamma is Finnish. But right now are we living in Texas." The letter x still clunked around his tongue, making it sound more like tekk-SAS, not that Anssi noticed as that was exactly the way Pappa said it too.

It was his turn now. Automatically gripping more tightly, he moved into a proper stance - feet apart, shoulders back, knees bent and springy, just like Ruben had taught them - and raised his bumpy wand. Although it would have been more intimidating to go first, it was still kind of intimidating to go second, especially now that he knew suspected that either Keith had a skill for this spell or he had an anti-skill. But he would try his best. "Ek-spelly-armus," he enunciated, focusing hard, speaking slower than the other boy as he waved his wand. He was rewarded by the sight of a nice Draco-red beam of light shooting across the space between them.

  • Keith watched as he not only completed the spell correctly but also made Anssi stumble a few steps. The second-year caught the other blondes’ wand. He had never been able to make his dad stumble in... more
    • Perhaps a wave will do the trick - Anssi, Sat Jul 21 13:04
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