This'll be fun, then
Sat Jul 21, 2018 16:19

Joey shrugged in an I guess, if you say so kind of way, but didn't bother making words to accompany the gesture. Instead he just kept moving, mirroring the bloke's step back and luckily not the part where he walked right into another student. Couldn't hold back a snicker, though. That was funny. The other guy didn't seem too thrown off by it and kept walking back, although Joey himself stopped after just a few steps. Was it really necessary to spread this far apart? True, the professor hadn't been right up against the other unfortunate Asian when she blasted him and she'd still made him physically move even at that distance, but she was an adult witch and probably had heaps more experience with spells in general and this kind of thing specifically. He didn't expect they'd be able to pull it off as good.

Also she was their professor, so of course she'd be pro at it... Well okay, that wasn't necessarily an of-course situation. His science teacher at primary school had done a really prime unit on the rainforest followed by a weird and frankly kinda dumb unit on space. Having a dad who worked with space-engineering had come in handy, not that he actually understood much or even any of what Dad did at work (except the part where there weren't any aliens involved, yet, which he knew for a fact because Dad had sworn to tell him straight off if they ever made alien contact) but he had picked up enough after growing up with space picture books and stuff that at least he'd known to shut his ears and not take Mr. Silas on his word about how stars were made.

His partner suddenly raised his wand. Joey raised his too by default. He knew they weren't supposed to be defending themselves, and he didn't even know how to defend himself with a wand anyways, but it just felt right to do. Like, if someone was pointing a weapon at you and you were holding an item, of course you'd raise it to match, just to feel like you were doing something to help yourself, even if what you were holding wasn't also a weapon. The back-up plan was to run away, but that'd be useless here. The classroom was big but also there were mirrors on the wall that would keep you in view, dark blue curtains that didn't look drapey enough to hide behind, and a lot of random chairs and toys to trip you up. And also this was their first day of class. He might be going off two hours of sleep, but he was gonna stand his ground and take a proper go at it.

Except now there was a big red flash and, even though the prof had already demo'd it, it still took him by surprise. Joey jumped, unironically, and some kind of energy pulse force magic (??) felt like it jumped out of him too. Then the red light slid off him or refracted or something, it was hard to tell exactly, but whatever it was meant that even though his wand spun in his hand, it didn't leave. All of this couldn't've taken more than a few seconds. At first he was pleased, because he'd done something that helped, even though he wasn't sure what it was, and then he remembered that again this was a class assignment and he'd ruined it.

"Strike a light," he exclaimed, the words running into each other, "sorry mate. Swear I won't get freaked again and... that," he unhelpfully summarized the event. Between him and his sister, random bursts of kiddie magic not-quite-in-control had become pretty normal in the Blair household over the past few years, so he guessed it made sense that would continue after arriving to RMI. But he'd been hopeful that being here would change that somehow. "Think you can double it? I'll even go shut-eye, maybe that'll help," he thought out loud, and screwed both eyes closed without another thought.

  • I’m as new as you are - Elliot, Thu Jul 19 22:52
    The accent surprised Elliot, not just because he hadn’t been expecting an accent, but because if he had had to guess what kind of accent his dueling partner would have, he wouldn’t have guessed the... more
    • This'll be fun, then - Joey, Sat Jul 21 16:19
      • As long as we’re all having fun - Elliot, Wed Jul 25 22:22
        A jet of Sith-red light zoomed from Elliot to his partner. It was supposed to hit the other first year, but it bounced off like a force field and disappeared. It wasn’t what Professor Embers (“... more
        • All in consensus here - Joey, Thu Aug 16 22:51
          Right quick Joey found himself having to open his eyes up again, because his partner was back to talking and talking shut-eye wasn’t polite. Well, unless it was sleep-talking. Paige had a problem... more
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