Forget regret
Sat Jul 21, 2018 17:13

Admittedly, Remington knew very little about the incident between Dade and Claudia. Dade made it seem like he’d been in danger of being attacked and was reacting. If there were more, she hadn’t been given the opportunity to learn. Dade pretty much stopped talking to her after that. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t in class right now. Yes, he’d had a hard time coming to class at the end of the previous term, but this was spellwork. It was a really important class - should be required for all years, honestly - and she thought that Professor McKindy was one of the professors Dade disliked the least. If he wasn’t in her other classes - no, she wasn’t going to do that to herself. As soon as she could catch Dade without him running away at the mere sight of her, she’d talk to him and figure out what was going on. She was not about this miscommunication nonsense. He may have needed his space, but he’d had space for literal months.

Plus, she had this to think about now. After classes, she planned on holing up in the library for however long it took to make her feel sure. What Claudia showed her was nothing like what she’d imagined. Now she wanted to know Dade’s side of the story even more. He’d used a spell from self-defense club, her self-defense club, in something that didn’t look like an act of self-defense at all. That bothered her. That bothered her a lot.

Remington followed Claudia away from the pensieve and allowed the next people in line to take their turn. She hadn’t decided on a memory to try to show yet, and she certainly couldn’t get her mind to focus on that right now. Her brain was swarming with so many questions. It seemed like Claudia had a thing or two to ask, too.

“What didn’t you know?” Claudia asked and put a hand on her arm. It was a kind gesture and one that Remington appreciated.

“I didn’t know…” she started slowly, trying to think of the right words that wouldn’t make any part of this whole thing worse. The last thing she wanted was to cause more problems between Claudia or Dade. “He didn’t really want to talk about it. I didn’t know details. I didn’t realize just how scary that must have been. Claudia, I’m really sorry you went through that.”

  • Any regrets? - Claudia, Tue Jul 17 16:04
    Claudia tried not to flinch when Remington touched her. Her tentatively developing acquaintanceship with the fourth year was based almost solely on the genuinely selfless way Remy had come to... more
    • Forget regret - Remington, Sat Jul 21 17:13
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        The fifth year had genuinely not expected Remington to be so affected by her memory, and she might be close to regretting her decision, except for the relief flooding through her that she had not... more
        • Can you imagine? - Remington, Sun Jul 22 18:24
          Remington hoped that this would have made things more clear, but instead things were more confused. Why hadn’t Dade told her about this? Like, why hadn’t he told her anything? He was her first friend ... more
          • I have an exceptional imagination - Claudia, Mon Jul 23 14:28
            When Remington confessed that she didn’t know whether she was still friends with Dade, Claudia found herself feeling something akin to sympathy for the other girl. She knew what it was like to have a ... more
            • Remington didn’t realize just how hurt she’d been at Dade’s lack of responses over the summer until Claudia provided her with new information. Apparently, Dade hadn’t even been home to receive her... more
              • There are so many problems right now - Claudia, Wed Jul 25 15:03
                Remy didn’t comment on the information about Dade living away from home for the duration of the summer, so Claudia elected to let the matter slide; it was of no further consequence to her, and she... more
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