Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus]
I'm not much of a rider
Sun Jan 29, 2017 20:55

Russell tended to arrive early to class. Not obscenely early, but enough that he was almost always able to claim the most dimly-lit chair, usually off in a corner or against a wall, and set up at a casual pace whatever supplies were necessary around his workspace. He wasn’t the type to be too fussed about organization; the opposite, in fact. It was a good thing that he was the only fourth-year in Cetus, because he was pretty sure that if anyone had been stuck with him as a roommate, they would’ve been solidly ticked off by now at his slobbish lifestyle (not to mention the whole never-turning-on-a-light, dark-curtains-pulled-snug-over-the-fake-windows thing). Coming early was more an excuse to adjust himself to the room. There weren’t too many different rooms used for classes here, but he still got jumpy when switching between them, and expected this was unlikely to fade soon.

Today, his coming early was especially fortunate, because... well... this was just weird. Since class hadn’t started yet, he took the chance to start poking through the box in front of him, brow furrowed over his sunglasses, notebook and a half-eaten muffin forgotten on the edge of his desk. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, except instead of a bunch of pieces that were obviously supposed to go together even if they were mixed up in a messy pile for the moment, there were a bunch of pieces that seemed completely unrelated and it was equally completely nonintuitive how or even if they were supposed to fit. Despite its obvious flaws, the jigsaw metaphor still worked for the box, because Russell’s skill at jigsaws was a solid negative five out of ten and he was already confident this box chaos would turn out to be the same.

Bony fingers picking up a medium-ripe-grapefruit-grey block and a light-not-fully-baked-gingerbread-grey block, he held them beside each other for comparison. He gave them light tosses in turn, making a mental note that the gingerbread-grey block was heavier, and then moved on to the eggs. Er, he assumed they were eggs. They looked like eggs, but eggshells felt similar to plastic, and he’d been tricked in the past; cracking eggs (or attempting to and failing) was really the only way to determine its real egg-ness. Glancing up to where McKindy was chatting with another student, he considered it for a moment before deciding that he probably shouldn’t try to crack the maybe-eggs right now and carefully replaced them.

Russell had just determined that the balls he’d first assumed to be beads were actually marbles (a closer inspection had revealed no holes for string) when McKindy got his attention by putting a miniature, enchanted carousel on his desk. Box forgotten, his green eyes locked on it with keen interest. A grin tugged unconsciously at his lips when McKindy caused it to start turning in time with a vaguely recognizeable song. That was seriously cool. This whole project sounded cool, actually. Still weird, but cool. His tutor back in Cali had drilled him on transfigurations, but those had usually been single item transfigurations, not spelling multiple items and fastening them together.

Feeling the telltale rustle of movement against his chest, he broke off a little piece of his muffin and cast a furtive glance around. He was tall enough for his age that he often felt like people were paying attention to him, but sitting in the corner had its advantages; he felt safe enough to drop the crumbs into his shirt pocket. The rustling intensified as Jaws found the treat, and he quickly-but-not-too-quickly pulled his open robes back overtop. Jaws was a free roamer at home, but ever since he found out that a handful of students plus RMI’s caretaker had cats, well, that sorta put an end to the mouse’s wandering.

His stomach growled, reminded of the muffin, and Russell stuffed the rest of it whole in his face. This conveniently happened about half a second before the student next to him started talking. Flustered, he gestured at his puffed-out cheeks full of bran and raisins, hoping they got the hint and stopped talking. He hastily chewed and, once certain that he wouldn't choke, made eye contact with the student. “Sorry, I was late for breakfast and... well.” Further explanation wasn’t necessary, he assumed, or at least hoped. “But, um, you’ve got my full attention now, so shoot.”

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    • I'm not much of a rider - Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus], Sun Jan 29 20:55
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