Two's company
Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:01

(OOC: Hi, it’s great to be posting with you! Just a quick note that in Leah’s last post you wrote that ‘she felt a hand on her shoulder’, whereas I did not write that Jesse had touched her. RMI rules don’t permit writing for another character without their permission, so just keep an eye on making sure your posts correspond with what another author has written. It can take some getting used to.)

The girl Jesse had spoken to turned around to face him, and she nodded, which he took as an acceptance that they would work together in pairs (as that was the question he had asked, so really to interpret her nodding as anything else would be illogical). She held out her hand in front of her as she introduced herself as Leah. Jesse looked at her hand, assuming she wanted him to shake it - again, combined with the provision of her name and a stock phrase used in introductions that it was ‘nice to meet’ him (which had always struck Jesse as bizarre; how could you be certain it was nice to meet them when you were literally meeting them, as the phrase itself implied? The new acquaintance could turn out to be awful, but you have already declared a positive response to knowing them. It was one of the many foolish traditions of conversation that the Draco could never understand) he felt any speculation other than an implied intention for a handshake was folly - but he didn’t really like to shake hands. Touching the potentially sweaty palm of a stranger had never been appealing. Still, he did not want to appear rude, so he took her hand, shook it once, and then dropped it again, while replying, “My name is Jesse.” He did not tell her it was nice to meet her because he could not yet verify the truth of that statement.

Leah then asked if Jesse knew how to do ‘this’, and the ‘this’ of her question was more complex to interpret. The word for the spell had been written on the board, and Professor Embers had demonstrated it to the class. She had then told them to work in partners and practice using the spell on each other. He was not sure which part of this so far was unclear to the girl who, he assumed from his lack of recognition, must be one of the new first years. Jesse remembered his first class at Rocky Mountain International (it had been Spellwork; they had learned Lumos; he had worked with Sam as his partner; he had eaten pink coconut ice) and that he had found the start of the class overwhelming. He allowed for Leah to be feeling similarly overstimulated. “I have not tried casting this spell before,” he tried to answer her question, “but the incantation is written on the board in case we forget it,” he told her, in case she hadn’t noticed. Sometimes Jesse got distracted in class and missed vital portions of the instructions. He was therefore content to work in pairs so his partner could fill in the gaps in his knowledge. He had never expected to be in that position himself.

“I expect it will be more beneficial to take turns in casting the spell on each other, rather than attempting trying it at the same time,” he suggested. Although in any situation you might want to cast Experlliarmus it seemed likely that your opponent would not simply be standing there waiting for you to disarm them. However learning magic was not the same as applying magic, the same as many other skills had to be learned before they could be implemented. Perhaps once both he and Leah had demonstrated they could adequately and successfully cast the requisite spell on one another they could then see who would win in a duel scenario. But he was getting ahead of himself, and she had already not completely understood the very simple lesson plan, apparently. “Would you like to try first or shall I make the initial assault?”

  • Don't wanna be all by myself - Leah Roth, Sat Jul 21 05:51
    Leah hated this partner exercise. Of course, this was due to her fear of the unfamiliar. Here she was, all alone in a strange place surrounded by people she didn’t know. In this moment, she’d have... more
    • Two's company - Jesse, Sun Jul 22 11:01
      • Let's dance, I guess? - Leah, Mon Jul 23 15:32
        OOC: So sorry about the character hijack in my previous post! I wasn’t aware I was doing it, so thank you for pointing it out to me. Looking forward to our upcoming posting interactions! Once again,... more
        • I fear you will find me inept - Jesse, Wed Jul 25 13:45
          “I would not mind going first,” Jesse answered the question in the parse it had been asked, because negatively phrased questions could get confusing otherwise (for example, if he had just answered... more
          • Won't believe it 'til I see it - Leah, Sat Jul 28 07:05
            A Draco! Leah was delighted to meet another student from her new house, especially because the two of them becoming friends was now even more likely. If there was one thing that she needed here at... more
            • How about Santa Claus? - Jesse, Sat Jul 28 15:14
              The first time has cast a spell on another person Jesse had found it nerve-wracking. When casting a charm or a transfiguration on an inanimate object there were so many things that could go wrong... more
              • But your magic is real - Leah, Sun Aug 5 08:45
                A flash of red light blinded Leah, and she instinctively closed her eyes. Simultaneously, she felt her wand slip out of her hand. Her eyes flew open again just in time for her to see it hitting the... more
                • So is yours - Jesse, Tue Aug 7 15:10
                  Jesse’s spell had more or less the desired effect. He had expelled the wand from the grasp of his opponent, however instead of moving towards him, the object in question had most unhelpfully sped... more
                  • Well yes, but it might disappoint - Leah, Wed Aug 15 07:56
                    Flustered, Leah twirled a strand of her hair. Jesse had talked a lot about why he thought that he didn’t deserve her praise, and even though he was being critical about his own performance, it still... more
                    • Not likely - Jesse, Sat Aug 18 14:57
                      Leah reiterated that it was just a ‘feeling’, which was not an especially specific answer - feeling cold, feeling sad and feeling pain were corresponding descriptors for temperature, emotion and... more
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