Sadie Embers
Not sure I'd call it charming
Sun Jul 22, 2018 15:33

It had been the best night ever.

After eating tons of nachos and cheesecake, she’d made her way to the Cetus common room with the other first years. That meant she’d gotten a quick meeting with her roommate and got to say hello to Professor McKindy. He was gonna be her head of house for forever, which was kinda neat. She knew that he was extra good at magic and it was super easy to make him uncomfortable, so she’d probably be able to get away with quite a bit, if needed. Plus, the beds at RMI were sooooo comfy. Aunt Katrina had taken her shopping for a new comforter that Sadie unpacked right away. It was fluffy and slightly heavy and made her feel like a very sleepy burrito. Without Ava wailing in the background, she got the best sleep she’d had in weeks.

But then it was time to wake up and get ready for classes and that was super lame. She didn’t notice if her roommate was awake, asleep, or even in the room. The other girl’s presence wouldn’t have stopped her from groaning loudly, knocking her pillows to the floor, and pulling herself out of the heavenly cloud that was her bed before going to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Thankfully her style was a fashionable yet effortless one that she could replicate in any amount of time. Sometimes, if she was excited about the day, she’d be able to wake up super early. Other days, her mom was using a spell to literally knock her out of bed after she’d tried about five times to wake Sadie in a less aggressive way. On those days she only had five minutes to get dressed, grab her backpack, and rush out the door with a slice of toast hanging out of her mouth like a clumsy anime protagonist.

Today was one of those in the middle days. She’d managed to wake up at a normal time which gave her the opportunity to put a little bit of thought into her outfit. Mostly, that meant she had time to put on her favorite high top gold wedge Nikes. She took great care with those shoes, tying the laces with calm and methodical motions that she only reserved for her kicks, and made sure the charm to keep them squeaky clean was up to date. As soon as she’d gotten her wand, she’d asked her mom to teach her how to do that spell. Hayden also showed her a really cool spell that made the other person’s clothes shrink on their bodies like they’d been in the dryer for too long and langlock because he was the best.

She hadn’t mastered either of those spells yet, but she knew it was only a matter of time.

Her kinky curls bounced in a sandy brown wave around her head as she made it to the diner. It was only when she arrived and saw other students that she realized her boring grey robes were still on the floor of her room. Ah, well. They were ugly and she’d figure out which professors actually cared about that today. She’d claim ignorance to school policy if anyone wanted to fuss at her.

There was time to eat more than a slice of toast, and once other students started leaving the Diner, she did too. It was a little tricky to find her classroom - really, RMI needed a tour or something for their students, especially those who didn’t make it to orientation or whatever - but she got there eventually. And that’s when she remembered that her Aunt Cindra was the professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. She remembered this because the blonde swept her up into a gigantic hug and express her joy that Sadie was there.

Sadie dusted off her purple and lime green layered tank tops and rolled brown eyes at her incredibly embarrassing aunt before moving to the corner of the classroom. Hopefully no one noticed that. She loved her Aunt Cindra, but she wasn’t prepared for that! She really didn’t want to be known as the hippie teacher’s relative yet. Or ever. Probably ever. They didn’t look anything alike (thanks, adoption!) so even having the same last name wouldn’t have mattered. Damn.

The embarrassment distracted her through most of Aunt Cindra’s lecture or speech or whatever, and that was her mistake. Before she knew what was happening, some older kid turned and hit her with a spell. Sadie was knocked slightly backward, moving her completely against the wall instead of just nearby it, and her wand followed suit. It rolled across the floor and she blinked several times before looking at the older kid.

“Dude, what the pineapple?” She swore, slightly stunned. “You could have, like, said hi first.”

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    • Not sure I'd call it charming - Sadie Embers, Sun Jul 22 15:33
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