Can you imagine?
Sun Jul 22, 2018 18:24

Remington hoped that this would have made things more clear, but instead things were more confused. Why hadn’t Dade told her about this? Like, why hadn’t he told her anything? He was her first friend at Rocky Mountain International, and she imagined him as her best friend period. Talking wasn’t the Cetus’ strong suit, but she thought he’d always been able to talk to her. When she thought he was mad at her that one time Connor straight up lied about that, she approached him and it had all been fine. Now it clearly wasn’t fine with no real way to fix it. All Dade needed to do was say something, and she wouldn’t be so conflicted right now.

Claudia assumed that she and Dade were still friends. That was a fair thing to think, but Remington was quickly realizing something: she didn’t know if she and Dade were friends anymore. He spent the entire summer ignoring her, and for a couple months before then, he did everything he possibly could to avoid her. He stopped working with her in class, stopped talking to her at self-defense club, and came up with a crazy number of excuses to leave when they were in the same space for longer than two seconds. He did the same thing at the opening feast the first chance he got. What was she supposed to do with that?

“I don’t even know if we’re friends anymore,” she found herself saying. She’d talked to her mom and dad about it a little, but they didn’t get it. They knew Remington was a very communicative person. They were baffled that their daughter seemed unable to talk to someone she’d been so close to for several years. Remington shared that feeling.

“He hasn’t been talking to me for months.” She shrugged a little, trying not to act like it was a big deal. “Whenever he sees me, he turns and walks the other direction, or if I try to hang out with him with Drew or someone else, he comes up with a reason to leave. I wrote him all summer and never got a letter back.”

That part really sucked. Even if Dade left her letters completely unopened, someone else could have at least had the decency to send her a reply and let her know that Dade would not be answering her letters. She was sure that Connor, at the very least, had been around when her owl dropped off the envelopes that had her name on them in case they needed to be returned. She knew Connor didn’t like her, but it was even meaner to let her remain ignored than use the opportunity to be rude and rub it in her face that his brother no longer wanted anything to do with her. She thought he’d jump at the chance, really.

“It wasn’t a terrible idea,” she wanted Claudia to know that even though this confused her more than expected, she didn’t think that was bad. “You with through something crazy and it’s probably a good step that you were willing to share it with someone.” She paused, deciding whether or not she should say it, then decided to anyway. “And for the record, Dade is unpredictable, but Drew isn’t. You don’t have to worry about sharing a common room with him. His main focus of everything is keeping Dade from falling apart and stopping Kit from, well, being Full On Kit.” She smiled a little. “I can totally understand why you feel the way you feel, so I want you to know that of all the people to potentially worry about, Drew seriously isn’t one of them. You don’t have to believe me - I get it if you don’t - but… yeah.”

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    • Can you imagine? - Remington, Sun Jul 22 18:24
      • I have an exceptional imagination - Claudia, Mon Jul 23 14:28
        When Remington confessed that she didn’t know whether she was still friends with Dade, Claudia found herself feeling something akin to sympathy for the other girl. She knew what it was like to have a ... more
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            Remy didn’t comment on the information about Dade living away from home for the duration of the summer, so Claudia elected to let the matter slide; it was of no further consequence to her, and she... more
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