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Wed Feb 1, 2017 05:07

Claudia felt bolstered that Marley seemed to agree with her reasoning for salamander blood. She was so pleased with their progresses, in fact, she even consented to skin the shrivelfig. “Yes, okay,” she replied, taking up the peculiar little ingredient and placing it before her on the bench. She bent down to retrieve her own blade and board from her potions kit, and a small vial to retain the excess juice. While she was at it, she also withdrew a small vial of salamander blood; she made it a point to ensure her potions kit was always well stocked.

“Do you enjoy potions classes?” Claudia asked her partner. She wasn't necessarily in the habit of chatting while working, but neither was she strictly opposed to it. She knew she had a relatively quiet demeanour but she didn't consider herself to be unfriendly. “I don't really like them," she said, very quietly in case Rob was in a position to overhear and admonish her accordingly. “I prefer wandwork.” Perhaps the fact that she was good at spells and less skilled at potions indicated her preference was born from laziness, but then Claudia didn't think it was too condemnable to take pleasure in what came naturally.

“Here,” she passed over the prepared ingredients once she was satisfied with them. Despite Marley admitting that she was made a mistake in potions last year, Claudia was content to allow the other girl to proceed with brewing; the Cetus student was still there to keep an eye on her, which was immeasurably preferable to doing the practical work herself.

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    Marley blinked at the black seeds on the counter. Oh, wait. She’d accidentally pulled out a bottle of sunflower seeds instead of dill. Presumably because her stomach had made a little growl, and... more
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