I don't know how I feel about this new rhyme scheme
Tue Jul 24, 2018 06:48

Eugene was a weird name, but Katherine knew that she was going to be a great role model for him already. It seemed like he was asking good questions, like whether Darby was good at staring contests and if she could pull a rabbit out of a hat. Kit had never gotten into a staring contest with Darby because he had a bunch more eyes than she did and she was pretty sure that was cheating, but now that she thought about it she didn’t actually know if tarantulas had eyelids, which would be super duper cheating. And as for the rabbit out of a hat, it had never even occurred to Kit to try! It wasn’t something they’d learned in any of their classes yet, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t something they could learn how to do. She supposed that they probably learned how to turn a rabbit into a hat - that seemed like the sort of thing Grandpa Aaron would teach them - but Katherine wasn’t entirely sure about pulling a rabbit out of a hat. For one, you’d have to get the rabbit into a hat first, and rabbits were a lot bigger than you’d thought they’d be.

“My name is Katherine, and I’m a third year,” the redhead said, only a little smugly. She was proud of how old she was. “I can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat yet, but I can turn a toothpick into a termite.” Kit wasn’t sure when she’d ever need to turn a toothpick into a termite, but she could do it anyway. “And a button into a beetle, and a,” she paused to think. What else could she do? Transfigurations was the boring part of Spellwork. Nothing else came to mind. “And a lot of things like that. So I bet we learn how to turn hats into rabbits! Maybe in fourth year, after we take our STOATs.”

Katherine then realized that Eugene was holding his hand out, so she took it enthusiastically and shook it up and down twice. That was how grownups said hello, and not a way that Kit usually said hello, but if she was going to be a grownup soon it was something she should probably get used to. Did tarantulas shake hands? She’d never seen Darby with another tarantula before. It seemed like it would take a long time though, if they had to shake all of their hands. Wait, did they have to shake all of their hands, was that how that worked? She’s only shook one hand with Eugene. She’d better go ahead and use the other one!

Reaching out with her other hand, she grabbed the hand that Eugene had not offered her and pumped it up and down twice, ignoring that he was currently holding a wand in it. There that was, all ready and done and good for class to start! Now that she’d covered the important lesson of not zapping peoples’ butts off (and especially not your own), Katherine considered other lessons that she should pass on to Eugene. Obviously she couldn’t invite him to the club she had with Dade, Remy, Anssi, and Drew because it was a club for older kids and you couldn’t just invite a first year to that sort of thing. What other things did she know of? Hmm.

“Are your mom and dad wizarding?” Kit asked. “My whole family is, Mom and Dad were both in Lyra and both my Grandpas work here and my big sister is the best and was in Aquila - she just graduated last year - and my cousin Drew is in Cetus,” she paused to think. “And my cousin Sadie, I don’t know what House she’s in yet, but she’s here too.” That was probably all the members of her family that were attached to RMI. Oh no, she’d forgotten! “Oh and all of my aunts went to RMI too. And my cousin Josh but then he left and went to bard school, isn’t that cool?”

  • We are in a muddle - Eugene, Sat Jul 21 20:24
    “Is Darby good at staring contests?” Eugene immediately asked his opponent all thoughts of Gary quickly vanishing from his mind. Eugene knew that tarantulas had a lot of eyes but he’d never been sure ... more
    • I don't know how I feel about this new rhyme scheme - Katherine, Tue Jul 24 06:48
      • Time to put it to bed - Eugene, Sun Jul 29 15:26
        “What’s a stoat? Is it an animal? How many legs does it ha- wait how many legs does a termite have? I’m trying to find an animal with seventeen legs- for my brother’s birthday. He’s going to be... more
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