Trick shot
Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:57

“Sweet soles,” Gigi nodded at her partner’s shoes, practically identical to the Aquila’s own. The glittery, rainbow-hued hair bow atop the other girl’s black ponytail was a bit much, but at least she was colourful. She also grinned and agreed to work together, so Gigi grinned back. “Be gentle though, I’m laughably new to this!”

“Makes two of us,” Georgina replied. “Doesn’t make sense to go easy then, does it?” She said with a shrug. “Chances are, my first attempt isn’t gonna win any awards for strength or accuracy.” It wasn’t that she wanted to make the other girl feel uneasy by refusing to go gently, but her magic use before now was sporadic and infrequent; she couldn’t promise to go gently, and she didn’t think it would really make her partner feel any better to be dishonest. Instead, she spanned her hand out at around shoulder height in a half-hearted attempt at a wave and said, “I’m Gigi. And nobody’s laughing, we’re all new to this.” Well, all the first years were, at any rate. Maybe the second and third years sharing the class had done the spell before, Gigi didn’t know.

Checking over her shoulder before executing any movement, to avoid bumping into novices brandishing wands, Georgina walked backwards a few paces to put a little space between herself and her fellow first year. “I’ll go first,” she said decisively. She had no burning desire to actually be the first of them to cast the spell, but referring to herself as laughable, and asking Gigi to go gently, gave the impression that her partner was maybe not all that confident about this magic malarkey. True enough this was her first class, but Gigi had grown up living with two magical parents, and she sure as hellfire had tried out a few spells as soon as she’d gotten her own wand. She might be crap at this particular spell, but that wasn’t going to shake her dangerously high level of confidence.

“Ready?” Gigi waited for the other student to look alert, then she took aim at her wand, and cast, “Expelliarmus!” A feeble jet of red light moved in the direction of her opponent, which was, in her opinion, a damned good start.

  • Moving Target - Vivica Dixon, Sun Jul 22 15:54
    This was it. No more boring, everyday, run of the mill, muggle school. Vivica was now in fully fledged, no holes barred, skin of your teeth, wizarding school… ‘and the first thing they teach us, is... more
    • Trick shot - Georgina , Wed Jul 25 12:57
      • Carnival Wands - Vivica Dixon, Thu Jul 26 10:59
        Whilst Vivica was quite an adventurous girl, she would describe herself as a calculated risk taker. Gigi going first offered Vivica a little more preparation time. It did however, also rendered her... more
        • Do they come with candy floss? - Gigi, Sat Jul 28 14:58
          The other girl’s wand relieved itself of her grasp, sailed a short distance flew the air on a mostly downwards trajectory then clattered to the floor between the two first years. “Ha!” Georgina... more
          • Yes! And hot sugared doughnuts! - Vivica, Sun Jul 29 06:17
            Vivica was a little disheartened. What appeared to have come so naturally to her partner, didn’t appear to be so easy for Vivica to replicate. Gigi has managed to pronounce it correctly, and as she... more
            • Sounds like a blast - Gigi, Sun Jul 29 11:42
              Gigi nodded. Vivica said she was from London. Not the same as rural Herefordshire but good old Blighty nonetheless. If pronunciation wasn’t an issue for Gigi, her fellow Brit shouldn’t have trouble... more
              • Hook a duck, Pick 'n' mix... it is all there! - Vivica Dixon, Wed Aug 1 10:03
                Still buzzing from the excitement of casting her first ever spell, Vivica had to agree. “Vivica and Gigi, fine young witches in training” . Vivica had, so far, really enjoyed partnering up with Gigi... more
                • Sounds fun. Count me in. - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:50
                  For a beat, Gigi wondered what Vivica was going to call her mother, but it turned out she was just trying to recall her job title (Not that Georgina would have been too surprised to hear someone slur ... more
                  • Whilst she knew others didn’t share such admiration for their parents, Vivica was a little shocked to hear Gigi give such a candid description of her own mother. Vivica had nothing but good things to ... more
                    • I like free stuff - Gigi, Tue Aug 7 14:49
                      Vivica started to explain, and basically the gist Gigi was getting was that her partner could hear voices. Now, Georgina didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but in the magical or Muggle worlds,... more
                      • The first rule of crazy club is, we don’t talk about crazy club. The second rule crazy club is, we don’t talk about crazy club! Gigi’s reaction made Vivica feel like she’d overshared a little. ‘More... more
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