As long as we’re all having fun
Wed Jul 25, 2018 22:22

A jet of Sith-red light zoomed from Elliot to his partner. It was supposed to hit the other first year, but it bounced off like a force field and disappeared. It wasn’t what Professor Embers (“Cindra is teaching Defense? Wow. You’ll have to tell what that’s like,” Mama had said after finding out the DADA professor was her former yearmate) had shown them—the wand hadn’t flown out of the other student’s hand—and Elliot didn’t know why that had happened.

What Elliot Phippen did know was that he had just cast his first spell ever, and that was the best thing in the entire world.

He just couldn’t keep that excitement inside him. “That was so cool!” Elliot crowed, beaming, which made one side of his mouth quirk up higher than the other. His godmother said he had a roguish smile. Elliot didn’t think he or his smile were especially rogue-like. He didn’t usually stick to any one class (he could tank as well as he could play a mage or a rogue) but he liked that rogues had a high chance of critical damage. If you had to limit yourself to just one class, rogue was pretty good, but Elliot was more about mixing skill trees when he could.

Slang was weird, because Elliot knew that what the other guy meant was “Dammit, sorry, I’ll try not to deflect your spell this time. Try again, maybe it’ll help if I close my eyes” even though he had used none of the words that Elliot would’ve used to say that. “Wait, but how did you do that?” Elliot asked. His partner had his wand out, but he hadn’t really done anything to deflect the spell, and Professor Embers hadn’t taught them anything to protect themselves. She expected the person who was getting expelliarmus’ed to just stand there and get hit, apparently.

“Did you learn it before you came here?” he guessed. “My dad is a Muggle and my mom doesn’t really do the teaching thing,” she had been all ‘I’m not a teacher, if you wanna learn shit, look at your textbook, we paid for it’ so Elliot had ended up not doing any official spells at home, “so the only magic I did before here was the accidental or shooting-off-sparks kind.” Not that he wasn’t allowed—the Trace was, like, the dumbest kind of firewall and only really worked on Muggleborns—but he just hadn’t gotten around to looking at the textbook after he got his wand. Dad had tried to pack a bunch of fun things into Elliot’s last couple weeks at home, so the whole family had been busy with trips to the movies and visits to Grandma and Grandpa and—Elliot’s favorite—marathons of his and Dad’s favorite games. For the real serious multiplayer games it was just Dad and Elliot (sometimes Uncle Zack joined their game lobby), but Mama and Ari did just as well as them (sometimes better) at stuff like Mario Party. “I’m Elliot, by the way.”

  • This'll be fun, then - Joey, Sat Jul 21 16:19
    Joey shrugged in an I guess, if you say so kind of way, but didn't bother making words to accompany the gesture. Instead he just kept moving, mirroring the bloke's step back and luckily not the part... more
    • As long as we’re all having fun - Elliot, Wed Jul 25 22:22
      • All in consensus here - Joey, Thu Aug 16 22:51
        Right quick Joey found himself having to open his eyes up again, because his partner was back to talking and talking shut-eye wasn’t polite. Well, unless it was sleep-talking. Paige had a problem... more
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