Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra]
Is that relevant?
Wed Feb 1, 2017 09:53

Danny was one of the last students to arrive in time for the spellwork class, as was the norm for him. Never late, but never early, Danny ended up sitting wherever a space remained. Today that was next to the new kid in the year below. By now Dardanius had learned that his name was Russell, but they hadn't yet spoken to each other. He offered a grin in greeting as he started haphazardly unloading his bag, but wasn't sure if his neighbour had noticed the gesture.

Dardanius liked spellwork, and Professor McKindy, and he was already in a good mood so he was optimistic about the class. It didn't disappoint. Whilst making a musical carousel could, by an extreme antagonist, be construed as childish, the fifth year was in awe of all the different parts of magic combining to make the finished whole. It was a great project, and he was looking forward to working on it.

The box on his bench contained everything he would require, he presumed. The wood was obviously for the frame of the carousel, and the marvels for the horses, but the eggs weren't so immediately obvious. Perhaps their presence would soon be made clear, or perhaps McKindy was even more eccentric than everyone had already guessed.

Having taken comprehensive notes during the professor’s introduction (good preparation was the cornerstone to being a lazy achiever), the Lyra was just finishing up when he thought he saw Russell put some food in his chest pocket. Odd. He looked again but the other guy was acting normally. Shrugging, Danny put down his quill and picked up his wand. While the recommendation had been to work with an older student, he figured he was already sitting next to the fourth year, so perhaps they should make an attempt at muddling through together. He turned to the transfer.

“It’s Russell, right? I'm Dardanius, but everyone calls me Danny,” he introduced himself. The other dude turned to him with a mouth full of the muffin that had just been on the bench. Danny laughed, and waited for his companion to be able to speak again. “No worries,” he grinned. He figured that a person who was late for breakfast and ate in class wouldn't mind being called on other strange activities. “You fed your pocket,” he pointed at Russell’s chest.

  • I'm not much of a rider - Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus], Sun Jan 29 20:55
    Russell tended to arrive early to class. Not obscenely early, but enough that he was almost always able to claim the most dimly-lit chair, usually off in a corner or against a wall, and set up at a... more
    • Is that relevant? - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Wed Feb 1 09:53
      • Despite having a kind of ridiculous full name - or maybe in spite of it - Danny seemed like a pretty easy-going guy. He had basically shrugged off Russell’s frenzied eating, at least, so that was... more
        • Okay. I don't sing. - Danny, Wed Feb 1 16:38
          Rusell’s reaction to Danny pointing at his pocket was both comical and alarming. The fifth year knew his eyebrows had approached his hairline of their own volition but he tried to hold back any... more
          • Oh hey, me neither! - Russell, Wed Feb 1 20:40
            With a skeptical humming noise, Russell shrugged. “I guess they might not.” He didn’t have as much faith as Danny about that, but it was kind of nice of the other boy to try reassuring him about it,... more
            • A common ground - Danny, Sat Feb 4 08:51
              “Oh yeah, I can levitate non-verbally, too,” Danny replied, pleased to have found some common ground and that the younger student wasn't going to instantly outshine him. The fifth year liked to be... more
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