I know my arithmetic
Thu Jul 26, 2018 14:27

Nolan didn’t especially want to watch the accident that had ended with his leg being amputated, but watching Kaye watch it without having a solid idea of what she was seeing was freaky. It’d be nice to know how close to done she was, but he had no idea how long the memory was anyway, or whether she was viewing it at the same speed it had happened, or anything like that. So he just waited, shifting weight uncomfortably between real leg and fake leg until Kaye had finished viewing the memory.

Nolan didn’t know what he thought she would say about it, but when Kaye raised her face from the bowl and said “Well that sucked for you,” he realized that that was exactly what he’d been expecting.

He laughed as he removed his memory from the Pensieve. “Sure did. Not as much as the physical therapy, though.” Only because he didn’t remember the accident, and he did remember the hours spent practicing walking across a room on either crutches or his prosthetic. What a lousy way to spend a morning. Once he’d gotten back to riding it had been okay, and now it felt pretty much natural, but the initial stages of learning to use the prosthetic were terrible.

Now it was Kaye’s turn, and she didn’t seem like she was gonna back out of it. “Uh huh. Ante up,” Nolan drawled. He placed his memory in one of the little vials Professor McKindy had provided, stoppered it, and waited for Kaye to place her own memory in the Pensieve. When she was done, he approached the device, not nervous, but not really excited either. Nolan had a sneaking suspicion that Kaye was going to mess with him and show him some memory of Ruben he didn’t want to see. And even if she showed him what they’d shaken on, it wasn’t going to be much fun. Why had he asked for this again?

Right, because Kaye was being especially Kaye-like at him and Nolan couldn’t stand for that. He lowered his face to the bowl of the Pensieve and found himself in a bathroom with Kaye and two men, who he had to assume were her… parents. Baby Kaye was so much less prickly than the version Nolan knew. She didn’t want her head shaved, which was fair—Nolan couldn’t think of a single girl he’d ever met who would be comfortable cutting off all her hair, even if it was patchy and falling out—but she kept a brave face on when it was happening. That was about what he expected from a firebrand like her.

Nolan came out of the memory and stepped back from the Pensieve so Kaye could bottle it. He glanced at his Housemate to check how she was feeling about him seeing the memory, but she was inscrutable. Better not let this moment get all personal. “Yeah, good call on your dad’s part. The wigs are better than random bald spots. Lemme guess, before that, you wore your hair in two little pigtails with pink bows? I bet you were adorable,” he teased.

  • Well damn, okay. They were really doing this. This made her respect (or mild interest, she didn’t exactly know the right word to use here) for Nolan to increase by at least half a letter grade. Like, ... more
    • I know my arithmetic - Nolan, Thu Jul 26 14:27
      • Kaye wrinkled her nose at the mention of physical therapy. That kind of thing sounded annoying. Lazy by nature, the Aquila couldn’t imagine caring about something so much that she’d put herself... more
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