How about Santa Claus?
Sat Jul 28, 2018 15:14

The first time has cast a spell on another person Jesse had found it nerve-wracking. When casting a charm or a transfiguration on an inanimate object there were so many things that could go wrong that first years students were rarely allowed to use them as subjects. Sometimes they might use insects or perhaps a snail to do small scale transfigurations, but otherwise the damage to a living thing could be too great for the school, or government, or whoever set their class curricula, to allow. Therefore raising his wand against another living being - and having them do the same in return - had initially caused Jesse now small degree of apprehension. However, a year on, the second year was now accustomed to such thrills, and while some of his yearmates had suffered unfortunate effects from spells being improperly cast, Jesse was yet to be among them. There was, his mother often said, no point worrying about something that might never happen. He hoped Leah felt the same way as he raised his wand against her.

Jesse was careful to properly enunciate the spell, copying as precisely as he could the manner in which professor Embers had made her demonstration. “Expelliarmus!” he cast, with no knowledge of whether this first attempt would be successful or otherwise. If it worked, the expected results would be a jet of red emission from his own wand, and the subsequent removal of Leah’s wand from her grasp. If it did not work, the outcome would be far harder to predict: perhaps most likely would be the scenario where nothing at all would happen, and Jesse would need to repeat the spell until his efforts proved successful, yet he most certainly would not rule out any conceivable outcome. Magic was a tricky business, especially for a roomful of inexperienced pre-teens presided over by a Professor who considered the subject matter to be uninteresting in its lack of dark creatures.

  • Won't believe it 'til I see it - Leah, Sat Jul 28 07:05
    A Draco! Leah was delighted to meet another student from her new house, especially because the two of them becoming friends was now even more likely. If there was one thing that she needed here at... more
    • How about Santa Claus? - Jesse, Sat Jul 28 15:14
      • But your magic is real - Leah, Sun Aug 5 08:45
        A flash of red light blinded Leah, and she instinctively closed her eyes. Simultaneously, she felt her wand slip out of her hand. Her eyes flew open again just in time for her to see it hitting the... more
        • So is yours - Jesse, Tue Aug 7 15:10
          Jesse’s spell had more or less the desired effect. He had expelled the wand from the grasp of his opponent, however instead of moving towards him, the object in question had most unhelpfully sped... more
          • Well yes, but it might disappoint - Leah, Wed Aug 15 07:56
            Flustered, Leah twirled a strand of her hair. Jesse had talked a lot about why he thought that he didn’t deserve her praise, and even though he was being critical about his own performance, it still... more
            • Not likely - Jesse, Sat Aug 18 14:57
              Leah reiterated that it was just a ‘feeling’, which was not an especially specific answer - feeling cold, feeling sad and feeling pain were corresponding descriptors for temperature, emotion and... more
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