Time to put it to bed
Sun Jul 29, 2018 15:26

“What’s a stoat? Is it an animal? How many legs does it ha- wait how many legs does a termite have? I’m trying to find an animal with seventeen legs- for my brother’s birthday. He’s going to be seventeen which is a really important age,” Eugene finished seriously. Eugene loved birthdays. Eugene liked any event that included cake, really, but birthdays were the best. You got fun hats and balloons which- if you were really lucky- came shaped as animals! Obviously they were best when it was your birthday but he still really liked other birthdays too because then it was sort of like Christmas but with only the giving part, which mom said was the most important part anyway, even if the receiving bit was really fun because it made you feel all warm and smiley, it was not quite as good as making someone else feel warm and smiley. With Leopold’s special magic birthday coming up it was extra important that Eugene gave him the bestest gift ever! But Eugene hadn’t really known what you were supposed to do for magic birthdays and with all of Leopold’s friends probably planning super fun magic surprises and with Eugene not being very advanced with the magic stuff, he’d found himself a bit stuck. He had a bag of glitter and his favourite gel pens, so he’d sat up last night and started work on making a big card with a picture of a flying centipede on it . He’d made it all green and sparkly for Lyra and even stuck on some googly eyes. He’d wanted to do something with the number seventeen but there weren’t many animals with seventeen legs so he’d decided to go with a centipede (the flying part was just for fun) but even then it should probably have an even number of legs so in the picture the centipede just had a bloody stump were the eighteenth leg should be- because Eugene didn’t want people to think he didn’t know about the even number of legs thing. But if termites had seventeen legs then he could maybe magic one and give it to Leopold for his birthday. That would be even better than a card.

Katherine-that was his opponent’s name-shook both of Eugene’s hands which really threw Eugene for a loop. He’d thought he’d figured out the handshake thing after practising with Hunter at the feast but now Katherine was shaking both of his hands and he had to wonder if he’d been doing it wrong all along! He’d just have to shake both hands in future- just to make sure.

Katherine had a lot of magic family. Eugene got a little confused about who was who but he did hear that all of Katherine’s Grandpas worked in the school which made sense. When a wizard retires from doing wizard jobs with the government they probably wanted to get more money to pay for their golf trips and stuff, so they got jobs teaching kids because, being old and everything, they’d know all the best magic. “I don’t have as any magic people as you, is that normal?" Eugene didn’t want to be the only person who didn’t know about stuff. He didn’t mind not knowing some stuff because then you got to learn and learning could be lots and lots of fun, but sometimes people make mean jokes and called you stupid if you didn’t know a thing and that was not lots and lots of fun. “I think my mom is a witch but Jeb’s not- he’s a handyman. Dad and Brandy are normal too, but Leopold-that’s my big brother- he’s magic. He’s in Lyra like me. I don’t know if my little sisters and my little brother are gonna get magic. I hope so because then maybe I can teach them how to turn hats into rabbits.”

Eugene tried to remember what else Katherine had said, eyebrows crumpled inward in confusion, he asked “What’s bard school? Do you like learn Shakespeare there? Oooh I bet Shakespeare was magic! Is Shakespeare still alive?” Leopold said magic people got to live a really long time which was good because Eugene wanted to try all the ice cream flavours in the world and he didn’t know if he had time to do that with a normal hundred years, especially when they kept making new flavours all the time, so now that he was a wizard and had hundreds of years for eating it was definitely going to help with the ice cream problem.

  • Eugene was a weird name, but Katherine knew that she was going to be a great role model for him already. It seemed like he was asking good questions, like whether Darby was good at staring contests... more
    • Time to put it to bed - Eugene, Sun Jul 29 15:26
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