No, but I like to advertise my flaws early just in case
Wed Feb 1, 2017 13:23

Despite having a kind of ridiculous full name - or maybe in spite of it - Danny seemed like a pretty easy-going guy. He had basically shrugged off Russell’s frenzied eating, at least, so that was good. The Californian didn’t like leaving a less-than-stellar impression on others, although in his opinion, that seemed like all he had been capable of since arriving at RMI. The awkwardness of going to not-private school for the first time in forever combined with the general awkwardness that came with being himself tended to result in less-than-stellar behaviour. “Great. And, yeah, Russell. That’s me.”

“You fed your pocket.”

He shushed Danny in a panic, reaching out in an attempt to bat his pointing hand away before throwing an alarmed glance around to see if anyone had heard. Darn. There was probably no way he could just brush it off without the other boy getting even more curious; an explanation seemed necessary to keep him quiet. “It’s, erm, my pet mouse. I don’t really know for sure if he’s allowed in class and I don’t wanna ask just in case not, but I couldn’t leave him alone either ‘cause there are cats here.” The expression of disgust on his face clearly said his opinion of cats. This opinion was of course strengthened by his mousey companion, but even before acquiring the tiny black critter, he’d had a thing against cats. He wasn’t even sure why. They were just... creepy. Kind of skulky and suspicious.

“Umm, don’t tell anyone, yeah? Please?” Feeling anxious, he fidgeted with a few stray locks of hair that had worked loose from the hair-tie and waited for Danny’s response.

  • Is that relevant? - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Wed Feb 1 09:53
    Danny was one of the last students to arrive in time for the spellwork class, as was the norm for him. Never late, but never early, Danny ended up sitting wherever a space remained. Today that was... more
    • No, but I like to advertise my flaws early just in case - Russell, Wed Feb 1 13:23
      • Okay. I don't sing. - Danny, Wed Feb 1 16:38
        Rusell’s reaction to Danny pointing at his pocket was both comical and alarming. The fifth year knew his eyebrows had approached his hairline of their own volition but he tried to hold back any... more
        • Oh hey, me neither! - Russell, Wed Feb 1 20:40
          With a skeptical humming noise, Russell shrugged. “I guess they might not.” He didn’t have as much faith as Danny about that, but it was kind of nice of the other boy to try reassuring him about it,... more
          • A common ground - Danny, Sat Feb 4 08:51
            “Oh yeah, I can levitate non-verbally, too,” Danny replied, pleased to have found some common ground and that the younger student wasn't going to instantly outshine him. The fifth year liked to be... more
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