Claudia Dubois
[Dueling Club] Who dares?
Thu Aug 2, 2018 11:32

Claudia studied her reflection in the full length mirror of her single dormitory in Cetus. It looked critically back at her. For those who relied on visual perception - which included every person Claudia had ever met - presentation could provide a lot of information about an individual. That accounted for the billions of galleons spent every year on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories; It supported the sensation that dressing a certain way could make one feel comfortable in his, her, or their skin. Unfortunately it also allowed for judgment to be cast on others at merely a glance.

The glass in Claudia’s room showed a female, fifteen year old Caucasian. Her hair was dark blonde, close to straight but with a natural wave if left to dry unassisted, currently pulled into a single, neat ponytail quite high on the back of her head. Her eyes were brown, heavily lined in brown pencil below, and liquid above. Black mascara added intensity and curl to her naturally pale lashes. Her nose was straight, her cheekbones high, and bowed pink lips hid two rows of straight, white teeth. Her foundation magically matched her skin tone and was virtually imperceptible, while completely concealing minor imperfections. Above her shoulders, Claudia was pleased with how she looked: uncomplicated and inoffensive.

Her eyes scrutinised the rest of her reflection, a considerable proportion of flesh visible in the athletic ensemble of a cropped black top and ¾ length leggings that fit her like a second skin. Other students wore this sort of attire frequently, in their practical classes, or for physical pursuits, including Quidditch practises on the pitch, or dance rehearsals in the theater. As per school recommendations, Claudia owned such attire for the occasions when students were obligated to participate in mandatory physical activity, the likes of which made more formal wear inappropriate. However, on all previous occasions of wearing said attire, she had tempered her appearance with robes as a first preference, or a sweater as a last resort.


Certainly amongst polite company or in most everyday situations Claudia would not dare to dress so inadequately, but when the occasion called for freedom of movement, was it not a matter of practically to ensure she remained unrestricted? If she were riding a horse, she would dress herself in jodhpurs. If she were swimming, she would be wearing swimwear. So what had been preventing her from wearing clothes designed for physical activities to dueling club? The fear of being judged had certainly contributed to her reluctance; Claudia now considered the students at RMI were already judging her left, right and center, so what was the harm in a little more judgment? It was certainly nothing compared to the way her own society would be judging Claudia, as part of the Dubois family, once Danny and Holland began to instigate their plan of tearing apart polite society. It was as imperative as it ever had been that Claudia was adept at defending herself. If she needed to overcome her discomfort at being viewed in comparative undress to further her skills, then so be it.

On the short journey to duelling club, ensconced once more in her uniform robes, Claudia reminded herself of the many defensive spells she knew: those she had learned in class, those she had learned last term at this club, and the many, many more she had taught herself, her knowledge gained from the libraries at school and at her home. It was October; during the initial meetings when the club had started up again after the summer, Claudia had restricted herself to practising spells on the dummies, only observing student-on-student duels (as she had likewise done the second half of the previous term, following her disagreement with Holland, when it had felt all potential opponents had been too keen to engage her, or else eager to avoid her). Therefore it was heading for a year since Claudia engaged in active dueling practise, slightly less since she had cast an offensive spell on another person, and less time again since she had been the target of an offensive spell. She was nervous, but she needed to overcome any irrational fears and to focus on her ability to defend herself before she was attacked again, by Dade, or by someone else.

Stepping resolutely up to a mat, Claudia slipped her robes from her shoulders and cast them aside. She held her wand - willow, eleven inches long, with an Augurey feather core - firmly in her grip, and her chin high to convey more courage than she was experiencing. She swept her gaze about the practical lab, settling on the student who placed themself at the opposite end of the mat.

    • Unafraid to tread - Andrew Tennant, Mon Aug 13 23:42
      Here was the thing: the thing was that now, Drew had to do Dueling Club. He would’ve done it anyway—in fact, he’d been in Dueling Club before third year—but now that Claudia had told Dad about Drew’s ... more
      • I admire your courage - Claudia, Tue Aug 14 09:34
        Claudia experienced considerably mixed emotions when Andrew Tennant placed himself in her opposition. She had been hoping for someone closer to her own age, who might present a worthy challenge,... more
        • It may have been a mistake - Drew, Tue Aug 14 13:06
          Almost all of Drew’s dueling experience was from self-defense club, and he’d noticed how dueling style varied between his friends. Remington was defensive and conservative until she saw an opening,... more
          • I mean you no harm - Claudia, Tue Aug 14 14:25
            It occured to Claudia that she was among a select few people that knew Andrew was studying Dark magic. She wondered whether she could force him to show his hand, and by doing so demonstrate that she... more
            • Then this is a truce - Drew, Tue Aug 14 17:01
              Drew managed to get out of the quicksand while Claudia was distracted by his spells, but it pulled his right shoe off. He’d better get that back when the floor turned back to normal. The gray... more
              • It doesn’t look like a truce - Claudia , Thu Aug 16 13:30
                Andrew was moving about a lot. Claudia understood the purpose of this technique - and it was clearly working to her opponent’s advantage - but, despite her athletic attire, Claudia was reticent to... more
                • No white flags here - Drew, Mon Aug 20 17:48
                  Drew’s satisfaction at his sneezing and shoe-tying spells hitting Claudia didn’t last long, as her next spell struck him. The room reeled around Drew like he’d just landed after doing barrel roll... more
                  • I understand - Claudia, Tue Aug 21 09:41
                    “Beats doing it alone,” Drew taunted her. Claudia wasn’t certain she believed him; having a person to practice with was probably beneficial, but then one ran the risk of being hexed in return. The... more
                    • Well, maybe just one - Drew, Tue Aug 28 02:23
                      Drew was willing to admit it when he was wrong. It was a good trait to have, according to his dad. It had come in handy with the whole Dade and Remington situation—Drew had tried his hardest, and he... more
                      • Wise decision - Claudia, Thu Aug 30 12:32
                        There was something immensely satisfying about seeing Andrew hanging upside down by his ankle, especially as a result of her spell. His wand soared towards her; Claudia caught it and held it in the... more
                        • I’m known for my wisdom - Drew, Sat Sep 15 13:57
                          There was a little pause, and then Drew fell to the ground like his broom had disappeared out from under him. The landing was not graceful, but Drew could handle a few bumps and bruises. He was used... more
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