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Fri Aug 3, 2018 13:08

Whilst she knew others didn’t share such admiration for their parents, Vivica was a little shocked to hear Gigi give such a candid description of her own mother. Vivica had nothing but good things to say about hers. Even on the rare occasions when she had been told off by her mum, Vivica had a niggling feeling, somewhere at the back of her mind that her mum was right.

How do I describe an episode? Vivica considered the many ways she could tell Gigi about what one of her episodes actually was like. “You don’t need to worry. It’s not life threatening or anything.” She said as she brushed her hair away from her neck nervously. Vivica very carefully considered all the options. What she could say, how she could say it. How much to say. Whether to run away and hide (it’s always an option!). Back in the muggle world, Vivica had to be extra careful how she described herself to everyone! To doctors, teachers, neighbours, friends, her parents, EVERYONE! She had originally thought the magical world would be the same. But was it? However, lots of the things Vivica had seen over the past couple of days were enough to defy muggle understanding. Vivica was in awe of the possible and every corridor, every classroom, every square foot of the school was filled with wonder and muggle disbelief. Perhaps the magical world was different.

Vivica dropped her stance and approached Gigi. This wasn’t something she wanted to say to everyone. “It’s just. Do you know Tourette’s?” She asked rhetorically. “It’s like that, only I don’t talk. Out loud. I...” ’Careful, this could be iffy’. Vivica looked at Gigi but continued before Gigi had chance to ask anything. “My thoughts just get too much sometimes. They become overwhelming and I have to stop them.” Vivica chose to leave out the part where sometimes her thoughts are so overbearing, so oppressive, that she screams at the top of her lungs for them to stop. It’s normally about then everyone gives her looks of disgust, and whisper about her.

Gigi seemed like a nice girl. She hadn’t ran away or anything so far, and that was really good! She also possessed some of the traits Vivica had identified in RMI bestie material. She was from a magical background. She clearly had a strong ability - or at least a stronger ability than Vivica. After all, the spell appeared to require minimal effort on Gigi’s part. She was in the same year, though not the same house, Sadie had that on her. Gigi clearly had some issues with her mother, and Vivica sort of felt that with her admission about her mum, Gigi was perhaps looking to share a secret. To build a bond between them.“Sometimes, when I hear my thoughts and it all gets too much.” She leaned in towards Gigi, implying the secrecy that sounded the coming statement. “I hear them in other people’s voices.” Aware that that sounded CRAZY(!) “Not like a crazy way. In… it’s like when we were leaving to move to America, mum was upset because she wouldn’t see Uncle T for a while. And I was upset for her. My thoughts sounded like her. Like mum.” That was it. Vivica had never told anyone that before. She’d told her parents about the voices, or at least her thoughts, but not that they sounded like the people around her. Leaning back to let Gigi digest what Vivica had just said, Vivica gave what could be only be described as an innocent look to Gigi before a small, reassuring smile - hoping for one back.

  • Sounds fun. Count me in. - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:50
    For a beat, Gigi wondered what Vivica was going to call her mother, but it turned out she was just trying to recall her job title (Not that Georgina would have been too surprised to hear someone slur ... more
    • Friends get discounts admission tickets! - Vivica, Fri Aug 3 13:08
      • I like free stuff - Gigi, Tue Aug 7 14:49
        Vivica started to explain, and basically the gist Gigi was getting was that her partner could hear voices. Now, Georgina didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but in the magical or Muggle worlds,... more
        • The first rule of crazy club is, we don’t talk about crazy club. The second rule crazy club is, we don’t talk about crazy club! Gigi’s reaction made Vivica feel like she’d overshared a little. ‘More... more
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